Daily Draw: The Moon

Shine on, shine on!

When The Moon card appears upright it suggests that unforeseen events or a new turn of events are in motion. Listen very closely to your intuition as it will be stronger than ever. You may feel uncertain or moody and now is a time to consult the unconscious forces in order to move forward. Ask your question and your answer will come. When The Moon is present, it intensifies everyone’s emotions, just as it affects the tides of the ocean.

If your question was regarding being deceived, The Moon card suggests that you have been a victim of false information. Do not worry, whatever is going on behind the scenes will come into light and the lies will be revealed.

The Moon card reversed is no longer a full moon, but a new moon! Your imagination will be very active and new ideas will pop into your head. You will begin to see things with a heightened clarity that will leave you with good common sense to make decisions.

This card may also mean that lies will unfold and enemies that intend to hurt your well being will be exposed. You will feel more protected from harm and unaffected by their negativity. The New Moon card also suggests you check how your mother or mother figure is doing.

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