Daily Draw: Knight of Wands

The Knight of Wands represents a young, confident individual who is never short on taking action. The imagery on this card is of a man on a strong, gallant horse who is ready to charge ahead at whatever is thrown at him. The man is dressed in robes and armor that will protect him and he carries a wand which gives him the power to manifest his goals.

The Knight of Wands could suggest a new adventure is ahead. Lots of enthusiasm and energy are in the air and romance could be sprouting around the corner.

The Knight of Wands reversed means everything could be falling apart. You could be facing some tough times ahead. When this card appears reversed, it could suggest that aspects of your life are disorganized, out of control or chaotic.

You may feel like giving in to insecurities, or self-doubt but don’t let those perspectives bring you down.

Try to hinder any arguments that will present themselves, and keep an open mind when dealing with different view points. Now is not the time to fight fire with fire, keep the ship at bay and wait for the storm to pass. Only you have the free will to turn things around.

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