Have You Seen Your Aura?

During my reading with a psychic,  I asked if I’m on the correct spiritual path. Recently, I began incorporating Tibetan meditation into my daily Nichiren Buddhist chanting routine. Having been raised Jewish, these different practices were causing a bit of confusion amid the mental clarity I’ve been experiencing. Oh the irony!

But I simply wanted to know if I’m headed in the right direction. Or would I pick up another spiritual practice? Sufism crossed my mind…briefly.

She chuckled, and in her fabulous Scottish accent she beamed, “You’re on the right path. You’re right where you need to be.” Then she asked, “Do you know what color your aura is? Have you seen it?” Suffice it to say, I haven’t. I was intrigued. I’d had many psychic readings over the years and none have asked me this.

For those unfamiliar, an aura is an energy field that surrounds living beings. People who can see auras believe that the aura colors represent different things, and to be able to see them helps us manipulate these energy fields positively. You don’t need to be psychic or especially gifted to see them, either. You can train yourself to do it, and with practice, you can see your energy field’s color.

Also, our aura is a spiritual signature of sorts. When a person shines brightly, it’s probably because they are spiritually advanced. Like the Dalai Lama. He’s got this nifty glow.

But how can we see ours? She explains, “Go to your bathroom mirror and relax. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Light a candle in the distance. Open your eyes and look at your reflection in the mirror. Let them un-focus, then re-focus again. Don’t look directly at yourself. Then, you’ll see a glowing light around you.”

I tried and I didn’t see a color, per se. But practically speaking, it was my first try, so I didn’t expect to see anything – at all. The psychic said it might take practice. I attempted it again, and thought I saw a light blue hue.

She also let me know I might have another unexplored skill: Reading Tarot cards. “Just buy a deck, and start. Even if you don’t know the meanings yet, try, dear,” Roxy said.

I think I will. Anyone else read their own aura? Any amateur Tarot card readers out there?

25 thoughts on “Have You Seen Your Aura?

  1. Kristi

    I’m completely blind. Is there any way for me to figure out what color my aura is since I can’t look in the mirror?

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  4. Katie

    I have been practicing for only 3 days and i just saw my aura by looking in the mirror id say less than a foot away? just the distance from the sink to the mirror. and focusing between my eyebrows without moving my eyes. just focusing. im not concentrating super hard just having my eyes focusing on one spot. at first in the mirror it was normal and then my eye focus because so strange and the mirror seemed to “fog” up as if i just got out of the shower. maybe because i wear contacts…but anyway if i lose focus it isnt fogged anymore. my eyebrows and eyes would jumble around as i stare at the spot for a good 30 seconds. is all i can explain it..i could start seeing my aura growing i would say. it would start just around me about 1/2 ” then grow like 2 feet ot from my head and shoulders. if i lose focus and get too excited it goes awya. i just want to throw up and cry right now? im shocked and mystified and excited all at once. im shaky.

  5. Danielle

    Hello. I have never seen my own aura but others have seen it. I have also been told that I have clairvoyant abilities- and although I used to mess around with that stuff when I was younger, I no longer do it- after a reading I gave to a friend came true, I lost my friend.

    Is there anyone who can answer any of these questions I have? I was wondering what does the aura color of a very light blue signify? What do white and black signify? I’ve been told that my aura is “the lightest blue{he’s} ever seen.” Others claiming to see my aura have also claimed to see a shade of blue/ pale blue. One woman said that my aura had three layers- the blue being closest to my body, white shrouding the blue making the blue appear pale, with a layer of black hovering over certain areas of white. This statement of black makes me feel a little uneasy. Although I’ve heard that black is not necessarily bad, and is not “evil”, I tend to associate black with more bad things than good things. Does an aura give any strengths/talents that I may / may not be aware of? Is there a way to strengthen it? I’ve read a column stating that one can use their aura to block negative energies from others. How does one go about accomplishing this? This color was told to me a few years back. I was wondering can an aura’s color change? Is there such a thing as a layer of colors? Can two people together create a different aura- do auras exist between two people in a relationship? If so, can that aura be used to strengthen and deepen the relationship, maybe mend any scars from previous relationships? Does anyone know any possible books that I may learn about auras and the significance/ meaning of their colors? I know this is a lot of questions. Thank you for your time.

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  8. hpasion

    Can you read my Aura between me and my wife, my name is Hilario C. Pasion, and my wife name is Felina B. Pasion this year 2010
    What the meaning of my Aura , the color, is there any love,i see sometimes green, violet, and some red
    , some oranges, yellow Can give me meaning of those colors


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  11. Tina

    Hello !
    I will try this mirror/ aura reading technique, because I am and have been curious as to what color mine is. Now, I am moreso curious !
    I was practicing / learning Wicca,and have been told to lay it aside, because of certain family/ energy problems,so that probably has my aura all messed up.
    I miss not practicing and learning it, but also do not feel the pressure to learn it all at once.
    As to the Tarot deck? My hubby ( who’s mother, Nancy, was also Wiccan and a witch ) read Tarot cards,and told he me, never buy your first deck : Always have them gifted to you first. Why that is, I have no clue, but felt I should pass that on to you.
    Have a Blessed Day,

  12. Sebrina Lee Biscardi

    No, I haven’t seen my aura yet but would like to try it someday; it sounds pretty cool! Yes, I’ve been doing tarot reading for quite awhile for myself and others. I’ve predicted many things and I am also intuitive, well, who isn’t? I believe everyone is “psychic”..you just have to tap into it more by deep meditation. =) I also pay to have readings done by other psychics. The readings I do for others are simply to help them and I don’t feel I should charge my friends and family for intuitive thoughts, images, dreams, etc. I really don’t like telling people about my gifts because many would think and have thought I was just “crazy” so I try and just keep it to myself, unless they are close friends and family members. I have a really close/intimate relationship with God and I’ve always prayed for insight, discernment, intuitive dreams, and wisdom. I’m very blessed to be able to use my gifts to help others! I thank God every day for what He’s given me. I try and do at least one reading a day for myself, if not, every other day. =)
    Sebrina Lee Biscardi

  13. parthiban

    i believe spirituality in individual gives glowing appearence .
    i dont know much about aura ,after reading this i can able, and i need to know further more about this knowledge.

  14. shikha dubey

    hi dear,you left a comment on phychics readings that u can see somebody’s aura .can you plz tell me how do u understand the shine and glowing color..n is it leave some msg on ur mind?

  15. shikha dubey

    I m feeling something great by reading this…now i will try to practice it,but i just wnt to know how wud i b able to understand that what my aura’s color mean!!!!wud any one explain it to me…plzzz

  16. Connie

    …a computer program?

    What is it?

    It would seem if something esoteric could be assessed with a computer program, then it would no longer be esoteric.

  17. Anita Guzman

    I have been able to see peoples aura for many years and until recently I explored and found out that I had this gift. I never really understood what it was and why I could see this and didn’t ever mention it to anyone until recently. And every one that now knows meaning my family and friends I have been able to call it to a T.

  18. iczyes

    Hi heidi, reading auras is one of my most earliest gifts endowed to me since i was young (hand in hand with healing) but it took me quite some time to decipher and discern the meanings of each color in every energy template, in every chakra, etc. and like you, it took me some time to even look at my own signature. It’s quite helpful in getting to know oneself…sometimes, I would see a different color and try to discern the meaning behind the appearance of such energy frequency…it’s like analyzing your own subconscious or being aware of the 4th window of your own Johari’s WIndow. I’ve discovered a technique of how to learn seeing and discerning and is now teaching it to others who wants to learn.

  19. Kell

    Hi. Does your aura color change or does it remain the same color throughout your life? If it does change, what are some of the criteria of it changing, i.e. does stress affect it or being ill? I would also like to know what the different aura colors represent. I recently asked about my aura and was told that I have a light blue astral aura & a purple spiritual aura.
    Thank you.

  20. Phillip# 9485

    Heidi, what gifted aura readers can see, also known as the medicine wheel by native americans, I can view astrologically. I confer quite a bit with Jean and we compare energetic vs astrological notes. we just view the energetic blockages from different perspectives. There is an extremely expensive computerized system available now out of Europe that reads and photographs a person’s aura and diagnoses it. truly amazing technology.

  21. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Heidi,
    I think more clients would ask for aura readings IF they knew more about them…
    …. and also knew what psychics were adept at doing aura readings.
    I really never listed it in my skills because, like I mentioned earlier,it faded in popularity some years back.
    I see the clients aura all of the time and just take it for granted because it is just an extension of clairvoyance.
    Many psychics view auras all of the time when reading…..just as many psychics do remote viewing and can find lost objects….that is all part, or an extension of, just being clairvoyant.
    But I feel that more articles, like yours, about auras will bring back an interest, or even create a brand new interest in aura readings….
    Another trend that I see slowly returning is tea leaf , and coffee ground ,readings….about 20 years back it was really hard to find somebody who read that way….generally speaking,it was almost a lost art in the USA…..but it is now making a comeback. And I’m seeing more and more how-to books published on tea leaf and coffee ground readings.
    So Heidi, maybe you helped in opening up the door for renewed interest in aura readings….which can be very accurate and telling by the way.
    Happy Holidays, Heidi
    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  22. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Heidi,
    I was taught how to see and read auras many many years ago, 1985(?)… by a Hindu Master Yogi…
    If clients want me to do that….all they need is to ask…. that was a hot psychic thing years past, ( the reading of auras), but not too many clients request that anymore.
    Maybe your wonderful article will bring back an interest in that, Heidi.
    PS….If one knows how to read an aura,… one can see color, size, shape of aura….all of the layers …AND even emotional and physical scars from the past.
    AND…even be able to read the person’s present mood, and frame of mind, by the everchanging fluctuation and pulsation of the colors in the aura.
    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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