Daily Draw: Ace of Swords

When The Ace of Swords appears upright in your spread, get ready to take control. You should be able to use your logic and focus your mind in order to create the desired results. This card suggests the beginning of a promising venture that develops out of adversity. If you are experiencing hardship right now, have hope for the future as it also represents great strength.

The imagery on The Ace of Swords card is powerful! It shows a hand coming out of the clouds, firmly holding an upright sword encircled by a crown. No matter what you’ve had to endure to get here, that crown symbolizes victory.

On the other hand, the reversal of Ace of Swords has a more negative focus.

Try not to control the outcome of a situation.

You can hurt yourself and others if you become too pushy. If you apply too much pressure, you could end up creating a deeper wound. Continue to use your common sense to avoid future obstacles. You made need to distance yourself from a relationship that has been suffering lately. You are either getting bullied or you are bullying someone else. This is a time to renew your perspective and stay positive, whether it means changing something about your circumstances or something within yourself.

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