Daily Draw: Ace of Pentacles

The Ace of Pentacles signals beginning of prosperity, wealth and new business! When this card appears in a spread, a good foundation is developing and contact with a new person or persons could lead to a future financial opportunity. Likewise, a career change that leads to a bigger pay check may also be in store, or a gift of money or other material goods could be coming your way in order to jump start your finances. Keep in mind, however, that the rewards for hard work signaled here might also be down the road in the future. So be wise with your finances until you are confident things are changing!

If you asked about romance, the Ace of Pentacles promises a secure relationship full of pleasure and fulfillment.

In reverse, The Ace of Pentacles represents a lack of prosperity. Take caution against greed or being preoccupied with money at the cost of the heart. A reverse showing of this card advises you to take a look at your financial management before you make your next big move or investment. It is a time to be frugal with your spending until you repair your bank account.

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