Daily Draw: The Knight of Cups and the High Priestess

Every relationship stands on its own and shouldn’t be generalized. However, when we allow “friends with benefits” to be an acceptable form of reciprocation, someone may close to hitting a brick wall.

Samantha is a client who kept letting a guy come back to her after he was done with an array of other women. “I keep thinking that one day he’ll just wake up and realize that I am the one for him.”

After doing a spread to see where this relationship was headed (which was basically, no place) it was time to see what kept her in this scenario.

First off, Justin, her “beneficial friend” came out as the Knight of Cups inverted and she as the High Priestess inverted.

Loosely translated, this combination is a man who isn’t ready for a serious relationship and a very healing woman allowing herself to be objectified. In most relationships there is usually someone who feels more deeply at one point and time.

Before embarking on this form of journey be honest with yourself on why you are taking it. We can do whatever we want to do as long as we remember what it is we are doing.

Remember, figuring out where we are in life, who we are in a relationship, how someone sees us, and why we allow ourselves to be treated a certain way — are key steps to fixing a path we don’t want to be on.

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