A Pet Psychic Breaks Rosie's Silence

Animals are very perceptive, and in the case of Rosie O’Donnell, her beloved Chihuahua Misty may have known too much.

While having a pet reading on her Sirius Satellite radio show, the psychic accurately read Misty. It was so on point that O’Donnell admitted her partner (of 5 years) had moved out 2 years ago.

O’Donnell explained that she got the dog three days after Carpenter left to fill the void of her lost love.

Bad news for relationships, good news for animal lovers and pet psychics everywhere!

4 thoughts on “A Pet Psychic Breaks Rosie's Silence

  1. Joan

    Hi Goldi,
    I am so sorry for your loss. I feel your pain. My 12 year old female Golden Retriever passed about three weeks ago. It was her time to go. In my opinion dogs do have souls, but their souls are pure, so when they pass I believe it is a perfect place where they go. My heart is still broken of her passing. She passed in my arms. My tears covered her beautiful face as I hugged her and told her how much I loved her. That night I dreamt of her in a field she was a little younger but it was her. She still had some white markings on her face and eyes, but appeared a little younger without stress. The grass was a bit taller where I was and some of it was green and the taller grass was yellow in color the place was bright with sunshining everywhere. There were a few other humans in my dream, but I do not remember who. She romped through this tall grass with no problem. The next night I looked out from my kitchen double slider window door what I saw did not shock me or disturb me. Beside a two seater lounge chair, I saw her sitting there just looking up at me. I did not move just said to her I miss you, I love you baby girl. I did say one other thing please wait for your long time mate a bit, my 12 year old male Golden Retriever give him some quality time before you come again. She disappeared before my eyes. I then put my energy into my Golden that is still here, for he was just looking out the window for her. He was starting to gaze and breathe so shallow I had to alert him. I gently whisper to him now stay with me as long as you can enjoy the love and attention you deserve. For the total love and devotion you and Miss Ellie has given to me I can never repay you fully but will try. He still mourns her, I catch him gazing with a very strange look upon his eyes. Sometimes he will even hide with his face to the wall. He mourns too as anyone that knew my special Miss Ellie does. But I know in my heart when I see a visit from her again it will be for him. So indeed these canines if are talked to not as a dog they do understand and sense a lot more than most realize. 99% of canines that have problems are usually caused by us humans. Has anyone know of a dog that has sinned out of greed or any other reason? My opinion they sure do have souls. I just hope I live long enough in this lifetime so I can cleanse my soul more. I know it is not pure, but I sure would love to be on their plane at passing. My dad used to say years ago dogs do not have souls. I said they are put on this earth for good reasons, and indeed I believe they do have souls, but more of an angels. So I know the visitation I had was a message from her, so she definitely is in a great place. And absolutlely her visitation was not a hallucination or a shadow, it was my baby girl, now an angel Miss Ellie. I think your visitations of your beloved dog is trying to tell you she is okay. Because of your doubt, you feel disturbed and she does not want you to guess and mourn her loss in that way. I do not believe dogs are ghosts they are pure in their hearts and souls. So her visitations are telling you she is okay. The next visitation tell her you miss her, you will never forget her and love her. Most important tell her to be happy where she is. Someday our love for others will be strong enough that all will meet again someday. I do believe we are the lucky ones to have this unconditonal love in our lives from our dogs. So my version of heaven is to be reunited with those we have loved and those who have loved us. So why wouldn’t our beloved pets be part of this. For the Almighty did not just make only humans for this. Even for those who do not believe in heaven or another plane after we pass, atoms never die. All living are made of them also. So please don’t torture yourself in wondering, just believe. I again say am so sorry for your loss and I will pray for some serenity.

  2. Psychic Amelia 9772

    I, too, love this! Pets are so incredibly intuitive. I have had dogs all my life (Dog spelled backwards is: GOD!), and have learned so much about the spirit world from them. My little munchkins taught me to pay attention, as they were alerted to people and events way before I was. I watched their reactions and learned to pay attention as well. Chanel knows when someone is coming to the door and runs to greet them way before we even know they are here.

  3. goldi

    We just lost our dog – our souls are torn to shreds seeing her go and words, thoughts, tell us that she is in a better place but the pain is fierce. She was loved as much as a child and with her gone our family now has a big hole. I keep seeing her and even almost said to my husband, where is Goldi? My mother always said that dogs don’t have souls but as a young child I fought her on this as I know and pray they do 🙂

  4. Psychic Jacqueline x9472

    Jacqueline x9472 said….
    I love this, so many times psychics can give great in site to what truly is going on in pets as well as our partners life, it helps us gain a true perspective of real truths and through this it allows us to have a greater understanding to a situation, then therefore we are able to handle life’s mishaps more effectively!
    Blessings and Big Hugs!
    Jacqueline x9472


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