Daily Draw: 5 of Cups

The sun will shine again…

The 5 of Cups symbolizes loss. Loss, no matter what kind, is never easy. Perhaps you’ve just lost a loved one or a relationship has ended. A job loss or maybe something you were looking forward to fell through. Whatever it is, heavy sorrow has taken place and you may be feeling fragile right now.

The imagery on this card shows a man in a dark cloak staring sadly down at three tipped over cups. He is saddened by loss but what he doesn’t notice are the two full cups behind him. This could indicate that you are not looking toward brighter days. The imagery coincides with the saying, “is the glass half empty, or half full?” A positive attitude will benefit your outlook immensely, and pull you up to a better space. Although it’s fine to grieve, remember that surrounding yourself with positivity will give you fresh perspective.

The reverse meaning of the 5 of Cups brings a much better message! It paints a picture of the removal of negativity and a recovery from loss. You should feel relieved that you have battled the storm and the sun is peeking through. This could mean that new opportunities will run rampant right now. Keep your eyes peeled for new challenges, new friends, new love and maybe renewed friendships from the past. It’s important to keep in mind any lessons you’ve just learned. Make sure you don’t repeat any mistakes or be engrossed in depression. Let your happiness return and get excited for what’s to come.

The 5 of Cups reversed reminds us that “even this will pass”…and it has!

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