Psychic Word of the Day: Empath

Have you ever been able to read someone just by looking at them? You feel you know them on a different level, but you’ve just met?

This describes what Empaths feel (also known as Empathy or Empathetic). Empaths are human beings that have very sensitive intuition that can sense and at times even acquire another’s true feelings. Since we all have intuitive ability, it is not uncommon for many of us to develop our intuition on a deeper level.

Empaths have the ability to tune in to others on a psychic level, which some find quite overwhelming. Can you imagine feeling everyone’s emotions around you at the same time? This happens due to the energy vibration of another. The skill of an Empath is hereditary and it’s development varies on different levels.

Some Empaths can literally be debilitated by being in a crowd of people, or by watching TV shows and commercials. Emotions flood them and most don’t know where it comes from or why, let alone how to deal with it. This makes living life as an Empath challenging to say the least, however an Empath can learn to train their abilities.

Most Empaths also have deep rooted connections with family members — feeling their pain without being with them, or even feeling sick when someone is ill. Speaking of illness, those who are suffering, whether physically, mentally or spiritually, will naturally be attracted to Empaths in hopes of healing. They are incredibly good listeners and host a wealth of compassion for others.

One thought on “Psychic Word of the Day: Empath

  1. Diane Roberts

    I had no idea I was empath always thought that I was different odd or even insane I’ve been given several different types of gift although sometimes I don’t look at it as a gift because it has turned my friends and family away from me out of fear the accuracy was so scary


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