Daily Draw: The High Priestess

Draw the High Priestess card – which the Tarot divination sources call the Female Pope – and you are probably living a life devoid of physical love.

Since this is a highly intuitive card, you’re probably well aware of the fact that your libido is a low priority right now, or that celibacy (or something close to it) is your life – for the time being. The Priestess often symbolizes a person whose lust has gone AWOL, and who is currently pursuing more spiritual endeavors.

That is, unless you pulled the High Priestess card and she’s upside down – in that case, you’re probably not paying attention to your true needs and feelings, and sex may be higher on your list than you’re letting on. Perhaps you’re hoping an old love will return, or dreaming of someone who’s just not available. Do yourself a favor, this card suggests – stop hiding your feelings, and get in touch with your erotic side.

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