Benefits of a Past Life Reading


You can change your destiny at any time. Even the past. Trust me.

“I will communicate with your guide who will speak non-stop for a while, and then you can ask questions,” she said before sitting down to read me.

I was skeptical at first. Did I really believe a stranger could peer into my past life (if there is such a thing) and offer clues into the here and now?

Just as the doubt crept in, she intoned, “you chose a difficult life, with lots of lessons. If things are not going well, just know you chose a hard path. You’re a sweet, kind spirit who selected a very steep mountain to climb so when the time comes you can be at the top. Information comes easy to you, but relationships come hard.”

She was on track with that assessment. A flashback of all the men’s faces I’d loved and dated fluttered through my mind. Too many, I thought.

Then things took a more serious turn. “The first half of your life was difficult, but the second half will be beautiful. Look forward to age 40. But unburden yourself with regard to childhood friendships, your brother’s death, your friend’s passing, and all the other deaths you mourned. Your tendency is to carry the burden. You carry around a huge bag of troubles and add to it all the time. You need to let it go and release it. You are meant to be happy and you’re very honest.”

Yes, sometimes too honest. With a Sun in Sagittarius, my hubris is being too blunt. Couple that with an East Coast upbringing, and it’s no wonder people react negatively once I steer them toward my perception of what’s bugging them. Trying to help people see what they cannot in themselves always backfires–especially if you’re a Sagittarian. In fact, it’s probably why I’ve scared off so many men along the way.

She continued, “See the humor in everything. There’s a little light around you all the time. It’s only you who keeps that illumination on the low end when you can handle more power, authority, responsibility now. My guides are showing Ireland and Scotland as really good places for you to travel. Those are nourishing places for you. You had some past life activity there. They were happy, fulfilling, fun lives. You were strawberry- blonde, perhaps red headed, very slight, a happy girl and happy relationships with animals, pigs, goats, dogs, even giraffes.”

Did she just say a giraffe in Scotland? I’d been to Ireland in 1999 with a close girlfriend and felt it was someplace I’d been before. Raised Jewish, my mother questioned why I wanted to take an excursion to a Catholic country. I decided not to tell her I found the men so alluring, the land rich with culture and family ties, a place of profound literature, and a countryside so lush it made your mouth water just looking at it from inside a tour bus in the Wicklow mountains. Dare I tell her the men were all-too enticing?

Scotland was a place which lured me from a young age. While traveling in the lowlands near Avimore, I met a girl who I felt I’d known my whole life. We knew each other a few minutes but would spend two days and nights partying. We still write to each other today, nearly 10 years later.

Back to my reading, my reader said that in 30 years of helping people uncover their past lives, I was only the second to receive this distinct message: “Chant these Sanskrit words. They will help you heal. I will say them on the end of this tape so you can practice them. Chant every day for five minutes: Nam Myoho Renge Kyo.” I thought I had nothing to lose. With the amount of death, strife, and turmoil I’d survived, how could it hurt?

Well that was nearly four years ago and today I am still saying those words morning and night. Since I began, I quit smoking, taking antidepressants, began believing in myself, dated better men, recognized my negative patterns and thinking, and launched a better career for myself. I’ve also met highly positive friends and people along the way. Once I began chanting, I was told the words could change your past life karma, too. I’m more aware of my karmic burden and listen to my own inner wisdom. Delving into the past for lessons we can learn in the present is a valuable exercise. I’m living proof. I encourage you to get a past life reading and share your experiences.

18 thoughts on “Benefits of a Past Life Reading

  1. Demarco P.

    I have experienced this alot…I have a treble clef tatted on my chest and am inlove with music.and art..expecially cooking..arts…(Clulinary)..well i was reading some infomation about acient music…and and i thought to myself that if i was here before in a past life I would have left clues.. which is why i always see things ahead of time or randomly plan somthing that i didnt know i would be planning it….deep..devu all the time…even when I sleep somtimes i see myself in different a great person…i speak in ttounge…about things then I translate them…so i came to the conclusion that i was a acient Syrian muscian…and you can date it back ..I created the fist song ever recorded…called “king Davids Harp’
    now that I know music is alive and it never haulted…I must find somthing different to do in this life…so music is itten all over me…I AM MUSIC!!!!!!I HAVE NOT BEEN RECONIZED FOR THIS AND I WILL CONTINUE TO RETURN HEE UNTIL I DO!!!!! I WILL BE HERE FOREVER>>>ETERNAL LIFE IS MINES..THUS IS WHY I WAS CAST FROM ETERNITY!!!

  2. David

    I KNOW I need a past life reading!! I’ve got WAY TOO MUCH baggage and issues for one life and very louzy luck in love, finances…you name it… seems in my life all the important “life changing” decisions I’ve made have all been negative failures……..

    There is SO MUCH emotional/mental turmoil going on in my life right now that I know a past life reading could only help me to understand my current dilemma!

    Please let me know who you might recommend?

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  4. Dm Gibson

    Robert that is why people choose not to believe and turn off any “”abnormal”” senses. sad really . ive cme to not care if people like it or undertsand it. i am glad however i dont have a strong sense where i see something alot. i feel for them as sleep must not come often.. i also believe it isa way for God to communicate with us. though i have been told its the devil talk or evil presence– whatever they want to believe.if its for good i doubt the devils involved:) I have had sme experiences myself. and fell people can believe whatever they want. i believe it a communtication btwn two worlds and not evil (can be) but i know it saved me from suicide years ago!!i hae seen a native american massacre by the calvary. and a preson i met on line — we have been together in our past.does it scare me? no just fustrates me know knowing the whole story:)

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  6. nigel

    There several forces that drive our behavior. The inviroment that we lived through as a child, our teens years and sexual experience, DNA, thr repressed memories of bad experience – these are a few of the forces that creat who we are now. I have left out what I believe to be the strongest influence. The lives we lived before this incarnation have this power. To truly understand yourself a directed past life reading is a must. I have given hundreds f these and it always helps. Nigel Ext 5311

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  8. nrusingha charana ojha

    sir today indian time 7am when i contniue yoga i close my eyse a saya enter my body after high reflection calourful power out side enter between two eyse centre,one continu chakra moving from feet to continius body in food,water every where chakra today night 2am some talk my inside bren not proper recived,4am contue music start inside brain,

  9. Cynthia

    I have always thought I had been an angel too at one time as well. I had always thought that I was a seeker of knowledge. I also have “chosen” a difficult life and wish I knew more of being happy. I would like to get a past life reading at some point and confirm especially that I belonged in Ireland and Scotland at one time.

  10. Robert

    I believe in the past life experience,as well as the fact that a person life is predetermined in heaven before one is born into this life here on earth.The countless stories of children who have intimate knowledge of a past life,place and events is astonding,to say the least.People find it hard to challenge their beliefs system because they have never experienced anything other than what they think they know,and they wouldn’t dare acknowledge ever having a paranormal experience,for fear of being seen as a mental case.I have had the opportunity to see and know certain events,i knew of that attack on the world trade center.I told people of the pending attack of 9-11,and they looked at me as if i were a crazy.I continued to tell people of what i was sensing and they laugh at my telling of this event.For 3 years they laughed,the closer we got to 9-11 the stronger my senses became.I would have the sensation of falling,it did not matter where i was,the feeling of falling was undeniable.It didn’t matter where i was,whether i was walking or driving,i would have to stop or pull-over until the feeling passed.After 9-11 they treated me differently,as if they were afraid to speak me!I’ve had other experiences as well in my early years,i was visiting a co-worker one day when his wife came home very distraught and crying,not knowing what to say,i decided to leave so he could talk to his wife.So as i headed towards the door,i turned to him and i told him,She’s pregnant.He waved me off and said “nah” that’s not it! So i left ,He called me later that evening to inform me that she indeed was pregnant,he asked me how i knew about her condition.I told him i just knew!There are many other events,but there are too many to write about at this time.One of the past lives i’ve seen is that of an centurion,go figure that one,being a male of african-american descent.So no-one should ever dismiss the notion of a past life,there are cultures who believe that our souls are recycled,over and over.

  11. marsianmermaid

    any one knows how? a lot of times I feel I don’t belong and believing somewhere out there is a place for me.

  12. Joanne

    This reading brought clarity to some of my own experiences. I have repeatedly been in serious relationships with Aquarians. I am a Libra and it seemed as I was supposed to “work out” some past life issues. It has not happened in this life-time as all ended in disaster. Also I have a small table I bought at a yard sale in AZ in the late 70’s I didn’t realize for about a month that it had a piece of old tape on the bottom with my first name on it. I know it connects me to another life, but I am afraid to delve too deep. I felt like you were doing my reading .

  13. Marty

    how do i get a past life reading, i feel i’m really stuck in life and have been for years, also been told i have negative around me, how do i get rid of this or is it my past life creating the problem. would be nice to know the answer to this
    from AZ

  14. Barbara

    Hi Chris
    As I read the article I felt a familiarity with the story and realized the it was I who gave the reading! Heidi is a wonderful young lady….she’s beyond amazing.

  15. Miss Krystal ext. 9192

    Past life readings are also great if you are stuck and keep repeating the same things.
    They can break you out of “stuck” that is for sure. Terrific article. Miss Krystal
    ps I went to Ireland a few years ago. I am an Irish setter person, I was in puppy heaven as I saw all the setters on that lush, quilted-green land-a magical place!


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