Daily Draw: 3 of Pentacles

The 3 of Pentacles upright is a wonderful card to have in your spread. This card indicates that recognition or a reward will be presented for a job well done! If you asked about your career, a pay raise may be in the future or some other kind of promotion. It may be regarding another situation in your life, like romance. This card suggests that you could be focusing too much on family pressures, or social consideration rather than the emotional involvement you’re faced with.

If you are a student, you could receive good grades or be nearing the completion of your degree. Congratulations are in order to you! The imagery of this card is of a young man receiving approval or praise from a nun or monk he’s been working for. This is a good time to be proud of your skills and talents — let your best shine through!

If this card appears reversed in your spread, it suggests that rewards are not coming and approval of your hard work may be delayed.

It may also mean that you haven’t been putting in as much effort as usual and your work has become mediocre.

Try taking a class or embark on a new degree to hone your skills. Perhaps you are focusing more on getting praise and approval rather than doing your best. Try to pull back your perspective on what’s important. Praise will come where it is well earned.

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