How to Be Spiritual and Sexual

Spiritual sex In keeping with Liam’s discussion on spirituality and sex, here’s a great article from Associated Content on how to be both!

“Many of us find ourselves in a situation feeling as though we have to
choose between being spiritual and sexual. The reason for this is the
incorrect expression of intimacy. Most people experience sex instead of
making love.”

Interesting idea. What do you think? Are spirituality and sex mutually exclusive? Why do we seem to think so?

7 thoughts on “How to Be Spiritual and Sexual

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  4. kampi

    Sex and spirituality are not exclusive of each other. Actually sex is one of the extensions of love and love is one of the extensions of spirituality though sexuality may not be exclusive manifestation of love and by extension spitrituality.

    Spirituality can sometimes manifest as service of people and even ones duties done very well with heart and soul.

  5. Wabox

    When your comfortable with your spiritual growth and understanding, intimacy takes on a new energy. WIth spiritual growth letting go of the “taboos” and the messages that have been passed down by our parents, makes for an adventure with intimacy.
    Intent is huge in the bedroom, if we are true to ourselves, and comfortable with who we are and willing to communicate that to our partner, opens doors to new avenues. Tantric is a wonderful practice that involves all the senses, and such a true intimacy, I recommend it to all!!

  6. Dawn

    Liam, this is dawn…First of all..Happy new year! we have read together many times! “the canada connection”! lol Sex and spirtuality go hand in hand! without the spirtuality, the sex has that “lack”! When both are combined..its an explosion of emotion, and depth between two people! I would not have it any other way! life is too short not to experience that feeling!!

  7. Mariah

    Oct. 1 I asked my young man to leave, because it was time for growth. He has intimacy issues. Two weeks later (he is 250 miles away) I FELT him with me, in bed, and felt him finish making love to me. He has always been honest, if not intimate, when I ask questions: His second visit was last week and I asked him if he remembered perhaps thinking of me when he was alone between 1 am and 2 am a few nights before calling me the first time since parting, and, relunctantly , he admitted it. That’s , I think, a pretty good example of sex and spirituality although some might think it …..a bit creepy. BUT, I liked it………


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