Daily Draw: 3 of Cups

Let’s get this party started!

The 3 of Cups represents a celebration. Milestone events could be right around the corner when this card appears — a wedding, graduation, pregnancy, promotion or another joyous occasion will present itself. If you asked about health, renewed health is promised or a recovery after illness is to be expected. Hard work has been done and it is now time to expect praise and good times.

This card can also indicate a talent in the arts, music, design, beauty or the hospitality business. It’s a good opportunity to get creative and celebrate with friends and family. Sharing your creativity with others is a sure way to put a smile on your face.

If this card appears reversed it means you may have been too self-indulgent or having too much of a good thing that could lead to being destructive. Your perspective may have been that of a selfish one where tunnel vision could have steered you wrong. This could be a time of self reflection to redetermine what is important to you. Apologies could be in order with friends and family.

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