Daily Draw: 2 of Pentacles

It’s time to show off your juggling act!

The 2 of Pentacles indicates your ability to multitask! When this cardappears in a spread, it means you’re able to maintain balance in themidst of change and chaos. You feel energized and content withdifferent aspects of your life, and you’re not being swayed by delaysor obstacles. If a new project requires more time to start, you are prepared with strength and stamina until things go your way. Helpful advice may also be on its way. When facing a troubling situation, remember that help is always available — if you seek it out.

The 2 of Pentacles in reverse indicates that you’re pretty overwhelmed. Juggling multiple projects at once has you drained. You’ve bitten off more than you can chew. You could feel somewhat defeated, but don’t be discouraged by lack of strength. Simply revise your goals and double check that you have everything you need in to head in the right direction. You might have to let go of some of your obligations or tasks in order to feel a sense of stability.

Be careful with your finances right now, too. Excess spending should be kept to a minimum. This frugal phase won’t last long. Keep your head above water until you’re back on the shore!

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