Dissecting a Dream

One of my best girl friends Diane and I have been doing readings back and forth for quite awhile. We’ve also graduated to dissecting each others’ dreams. This was one of her most recent ones.

Short and simple, the dream exhibited a house, a kind of Mexican Hacienda. She immediately saw a camera zooming into one of the windows. She couldn’t see inside the house, nor could she determine which room the camera had zoomed to. She said it was next to the door, so most likely would be the living room.

I asked her if this house looked familiar in any way, or was some home she knew. She said no, but that this style had always been one of her favorite kind of houses.

She said there was no feeling that she recalled.

Looking further into the symbols, we determined that windows represented the point of view of the dreamer, her perception, the way she viewed the world. Looking into the window meant soul searching, or looking within herself.

One of the meanings of a camera meant getting a clear picture of the idea in mind. We liked this meaning because the camera obviously had a fixed idea about where it wanted to go.

I asked my friend what she had done the previous day, she replied nothing special. Then, because I knew she was a reader, I asked what she had been reading. She mentioned a Christian book, called Cloud of Unknowing. Diane said it had been written by cloistered monks.

She mentioned a story from the Bible about Jesus and two women — that one was cleaning His feet, while the other did the housework. She said the book revealed that Mary Magdalene, was in an altered state, while Martha, her sister, was doing the mundane work of the world. Jesus had said that neither was better than the other. Diane said this story resonated deeply with her.

Then we both knew that her reading had led her to deeper thinking about her own beliefs, and where she stood at this particular stage of her life. The dream, of course, brought this up from her subconscious.

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  1. Carrie

    I was curious to know who came up with the definition of dreams or the “symbology of dreams”? I have very vivid ones and always look online to see what they were about. 🙂 I do notice some differences between dictionaries or multiple definitions for one symbol so I always found it a little difficult. Perhaps it just needs more of an overall reading to put the pieces together properly.


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