Daily Draw: 10 of Wands

Heavy times…

The 10 of Wands card represents that you may have taken on too much. Your heart is in the right place, however, taking on too many commitments can lead to low energy and low effort in completing tasks. Family burden may be present and you need to decide which wands you are able to carry without toppling over.

If you asked about career, this card could indicate your career ambition may be taking the front seat to other more important things. Don’t overwork yourself and really understand your limits. Too much stress can ultimately affect your health, both mental and physical.

If the 10 of Wands appears reversed in your spread, good news is here! The burden is or has been lifted and you may feel 10 pounds lighter. Depending on the reading, the 10 of Wands reversed could go two ways – you may be manipulating someone else into taking your burden, or you may have been manipulated into taking on more than you can handle.

Don’t let obligations get to you if you are wearing yourself too thin. Take the necessary steps to release the burden. This card could also suggest your health is improving and your energy will be high. Make sure to help when you can but remember… you are only one person.

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