Retrograde Planets and Past Lives

Statistically, 92% of all humans have at least one retrograde planet in their natal chart.  Many people are familiar with the Mercury retrograde cycle as it occurs regularly throughout the year. Yet the average individual is seldom versed on their own natal retrogrades. What adds even more confusion to this particular topic is that many astrologers are not entirely clear on the significance of retrograde planets in an individual’s natal chart. There is even controversy among astrologers as to the significance of retrogrades in an individual’s natal blueprint. But first, allow me to define a retrograde planet.

Planets do NOT reverse course. However, they will appear from OUR perspective to periodically reverse direction and actually back up.

There is a 3 step process in retrograde motion. This should help you to visualize it. Imagine a planet moving around the Sun in its orbit. Then the planet appears to stop and reverse course.

This is the first step. Eventually the planet again returns to DIRECT motion and once again moves forward. This is stage two. Finally, as the planet crosses the point at which the retrograde motion began, phase three of the process is initiated. Each one of these points carries with it a subtle yet pervasive psychological shifting of reflection concerning past and future. According to Martin Schulman, the 3 stage retrograde process is defined like this:

STAGE 1:  Jumping ahead trying to live the future now.

STAGE 2:  In the process of living out the future now, experiencing the feeling of deja vu and that one has done it before.

STAGE 3:  Mentally repeating once again the future, but this time from the perspective of actually having lived it. One may surmise from this process that retrogrades impel the individual to reflect deeply on certain recurring patterns — the goal being complete and final resolution, once and for all.

The particular planet, the house and sign it resides in, and any aspects this planet makes while transiting adds a complexity to analysis that seems to relate to recurring patterns in the individual’s life. In fact, one concise interpretation of retrograding planets is that in a past life the person had the opportunity to grow and advance in a particular area but did not entirely complete the process. So, the retrograde is an indication of this unaccomplished goal. Challenges will show up in the present life to complete the goal each time this particular planet goes retrograde, and the conditions of this current challenge will be defined by sign and house placement, and the new aspects this planet makes to the natal planets. As we continue through the present life and fail to address these patterns effectively, the consequences continue to grow.  Most people can identify with these patterns when presented because they keep recurring.

If you have a copy of your natal chart you need only look for an “R” next to each planets glyph. Then you can utilize the internet to get a description of your own particular pattern for each retrograde planet. You would want to look up the definition of the particular retrograde planet by house and sign. The result could be a real eye opener.

27 thoughts on “Retrograde Planets and Past Lives

  1. mohammad azam shamsi

    was born on Apr , 1976 at 16:30 evening, in moradabadi,uttar pardesh India. I would like to know my retrogrades too, please.

  2. mohammad azam shamsi

    was born on Apr 6, 1976 at 16:30 morning, in moradabad ,utter pardesh, India. I would like to know my retrogrades too, please.

  3. Dm Gibson

    how do you read these?
    M27 6 21 4 5° 1’29 20°29 13°54 12° 1 2°57 25° 5 12° 4 19°38 21°17 18°28 4°16 2°55 19°16 18°20

    very interesting

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  7. Nora Spielman

    This article was super informative. Thank you so much for writing it. It made some complex aspects of astrology very simple and understandable.

  8. nrusingha charana ojha

    my pet name-nuria
    village-benupur(birth place)
    present gujarat state

  9. jaime mills

    I know that i am highly effected by retrogrades. I am born 31.10.1986. I ahve been looking into astrology and other things and what as described for the most recent murcury retrograde (26?.12.09 to 15th jan 2010?) wow! sooo accurate, just rediculous! lol! I have always experienced de ja vu, three episodes in my life that i can still remember second for secon and the feeling that came with it.

    I think i need ti know more about when i was born.. i am currently applying for my mothers records for my birth time.

    if you have any spare time, I did some numerolog thing (dont know much about at all) significant numbers, soul urge and lifepath i tink werer both 11 with creativity number 4. I dont know if this can help you at all?

    I am new to all this but i can see a definate scientific/spiritual significance that I am eagre to learn more about.

  10. Tina

    i like to get a reading for my influence in this retrograde time , i´m a german and born at june 13, 1959, i like to know if my goals i do follow too now will happen , and that my past is go away out my life like came in . send me a reading please

  11. Patricia Davidson

    I live in Tampa Florida and would like to know how this retrograde will affect my life in the next few months. I am a sagittarius rising and sun sign with a tarus moon. I seem to be very affected by retrogrades and want to know besides not making any decisions during that time what else I can do to circumvent this retrograde timeframe each time to make my life easier.

  12. shelley

    Love the article on retrogrades !

    This is a discovery that I came across by chance a couple of months back-Isn’t it amazing! I did enjoy all the break downs for the planets in R in chart placement-Great information!!

    My r’s are in Pluto -Jupiter and Uranus
    and I was astounded at the accuracy of their meaning in view of the new info .
    Many Blessings
    Sister dea Minerva

  13. kelebek

    I don’t know how to interpret my chart, could someone please help?!

    S 13 5 26 1 20°48’35 10k47 5°16 10°33 28° 4 29°23 2°30 8°20 29°15 27°18 15°52 16°18 0°39 2°22

  14. Psychic Jacqueline x9472

    Jacqueline x9472 said….
    Hey Phillip once again my friend a very informative article you are so full of information, I need to get a reading for next year to see what I can expect it’s a great way to start off the new year, this will just allow me to know what to expect.
    I definitely will be in touch my friend!
    Blessings Hugs and Hearts,
    Jacqueline x9472


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