Animal Ghost Encounters: Animal Pet Stories from Pet Mediums

Animal Ghost Encounters Animal Spirit Stories from Pet Mediums | California Psychics

Animal Spirits Around the World

The idea of animal spirits interacting and guiding the living is a concept that’s been with human cultures for thousands of years. It’s known as Animism, from the Latin word Anima, meaning spirit, breath, or life. Egyptians worshiped animal deities, just as the Hindus worship and revere Ganesha, the elephant-headed God. Native Americans have treated animal spirits with such devotion and reverence for centuries, referring to them as “medicine,” meaning their spirits have knowledge and lessons to impart.

Animals and the Spirit World

Driven by instinct, heightened senses, and free from critical analysis of what is or isn’t possible, animals are unique in their ability to see, hear, and interact with the unseen world. Without question, they accept the reality that’s presented to them, which happens to be both physical and non-physical. Anyone who’s ever had a pet can tell stories where they’ve reacted to something invisible in the room. Rationally, we might say our animal is chasing shadows, but our pet – if they could talk – would tell us something entirely different. For the animal kingdom, interacting with Spirit is as natural as breathing.

Can Animal Spirits Remain with Us?

As a psychic, there’s almost nothing more exhilarating than noticing animal portends in nature. But, receiving a direct message from a beloved pet in the spirit world can feel like a healing balm. One of the questions I’m most frequently asked when a pet transitions is, “Will I see them again?” I want to reassure you that our precious companions never actually leave, but instead remain alongside us, continuing to guide and provide comfort, just in a different way.

Soulmates, a term that is typically used to describe human relationships with profound affinity, is equally suited for the bonds we forge with animals. That bond is not born from experience in the physical world but instead created from our essence, our soul intention, and it is eternal. Our beloved pets will always remain with us. They may choose to guide us from their non-physical advantage, or they may choose to return to the physical world and enter our lives in the form of a new being, one we might not immediately recognize from their appearance alone.

Stories of Animal Spirits

Meeting Again

Many years ago, my beloved German Shepherd passed away from an unfortunate accident. My heart felt so heavy that I couldn’t see myself ever getting another dog. A few years later, I was asked to foster a dog over the Christmas holidays, to which I agreed. Later, I met with a 110-pound, English lab, who had been surrendered to the Veterinary hospital after a car accident. When our eyes met, he came to me without hesitation, guided me out the door, and straight to my vehicle, one he’d never seen before. After helping him into the backseat, I briefly looked into the rearview mirror and for a split second was startled to see my German Shepherd disguised as an English Labrador starring back. While some might need empirical evidence to substantiate such a claim as true, there are those who only need to search their hearts to know what’s real. I adopted him on New Year’s Day.

Wake Up!

I was recently speaking with a client when she told me a fascinating story about her cat, Alley. It was an early Sunday morning when her cat, uncharacteristically, jumped on her chest and didn’t stop meowing until my client dragged herself out of bed. The unusual behavior didn’t stop there. Alley began herding her human through the house until she was eventually outside. Within moments of being ushered into the chilly morning air, my client noticed a fire in the kitchen which was followed by an explosion. It was then that my client woke from a dream that felt very real and frightening. She carefully walked through her home making sure everything was okay, only to open the utility room door to find the gas line to her hot water tank shooting out flames. Grabbing her cell phone, she quickly ran from the house and called 911. Luckily, the gas was shut off through remote access and there were no fires or explosions that day. Alley was the feline heroine! But what makes this story even more incredible is that Alley had passed away almost two years previous. Having lived to the ripe old age of twenty-four, Alley ruled her home and family from the spirit world as she did in life – keeping everyone safe.

Eternal Bonds

There are few bonds we make in this world that are as pure as the ones we make with our pets. That’s why, when our pets move on, the loss can feel so profound, and the longing for them so deep. In Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban, Sirius Black tells Harry, “The ones who love us, never really leave us.” Although Sirius was talking about the loss of Harry’s parents, the sentiment applies to our animal companions as well. Their love for us runs just as deeply as our love for them, and we can trust that their spirits will always find us when we need them.

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