6 Tarot Cards That Mean You’re Living Your Purpose

6 Tarot Cards that Mean You're Living Your Purpose | California Psychics

Do You Have a Purpose?

Do you have just one true purpose in this lifetime, or does it evolve as the years go by as you gain experience and knowledge? Do you feel sometimes at “cross purposes” with your true self? Does the “little” you want one thing and the “larger” you want something else? Is there even a way to know the answers to these questions?

While these are open and complex conundrums, and sometimes we murmur “not really sure” to ourselves, Tarot can bring clarity and definition to our soul’s desires at turning points on our pathways.

Finding Your Purpose with Tarot

Fortunately, the Major Arcana of the Tarot speaks to us about spiritual realities within the daily grind. The presence of the following cards in a soul purpose Tarot spread reveals the major themes that are necessary to discover our true purpose. Their symbols and meanings are signposts we can use as we navigate to our truest path. The following cards, especially, reveal soul-purpose content in a Tarot reading when we are asking about a specific plan or pathway in our future.

Card One – The Hanged Man

What?! This card sounds scary. We’re trying for a feeling of purpose and control, not the opposite! And, it’s true that it takes daring and humility to take the deep dive necessary to plunge into your soul’s purpose. The important idea to keep in mind is that surrendering to your true destiny and higher self is the way to lose control while gaining power!

Imagine being hung upside down indefinitely. But, that’s how we sometimes feel about our lives. This card contains a clue to the paradox of letting go to gain control. The Hanged Man’s relaxed expression tells us he doesn’t mind the fact that his head is below his feet and everything’s topsy-turvy; he’s trusting the process by letting his intuition and spirit lead.

Card Two – The Lovers

The Lovers card isn’t just about your relationship with others, it’s also about your relationship with yourself. To know your true purpose, your conscious, subconscious, and super-conscious minds need to be in sync. How can you know when this is happening? When your dreams are vivid, memorable, and reveal the important meaning to you as you wake up, something major is taking place. When you get up to face the day with loads of energy, you’re being guided by higher forces in an important way. A transformation has happened!

Card Three – Strength

Naturopathic physicians use muscle testing to see if a certain food, substance, or activity is “good” for us, or if it drains out strength. If a certain idea or substance makes us feel drained and tired, or if it makes us feel awake and energized, our bodies reveal to us all we need to know. When we’re in the flow of our true purpose we feel physical, spiritual, and mental vitality to the max.

Card Four – The Magician

In this card, the Magician is intent on his work, in fact, it’s possessed his whole being. He channels his knowledge, skill, and craft from someplace higher. He isn’t drained by his work, because he allows himself to be an instrument of universal will. His expertise belongs to him, but it is larger than he is. Brilliance breaks through without his effort because it comes from someplace greater than his finite mind.

Card Five – The Chariot

The Chariot driver uses willpower and inspiration to get where she is going. She is shown driving a vehicle pulled by two sphinxes. She balances positive and negative energies. We can sense when we’re “on track” when things move along quickly. A bump in the road is just that, not a permanent blockage. We know that outer events correspond with inner ones. The driver commands her destiny by total focus, concentration, and determination to reach her destination.

Card Six – The World

So, what are the rewards for living our purpose? Why does it matter, or does it, at all? The World card shows us the feeling that we all seem to be seeking: “I feel like I’ve got it all!” It hints that when we are on our soul’s true path, relationships, money, friends, and fun are all infused with meaning.

This card’s dancer is celebrating. She feels at one with the cosmos. She commands the energies of the Universe from her place within her own center. Her baton directs and creates new forms and she feels free. She knows that she can realize success and freedom through spiritual rebirth.

Let Your Intuition Guide You

We likely have different soul purposes for different eras in our lives. The discernment and transition to something newer and truer will be necessary more than once in each lifetime.  By intuiting what the Tarot tells us, we have glimpses to where our true destiny lies in the present.

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