Intro to Angel Cards

Angel cardsare a simple way to give a yourself a basic reading. If you want a general overview of a situation, or if you just want the Angels to give you a message, these cards work great.

What they don’t do is make predictions. I know some people may think if they don’t make predictions then they are not worth the time to invest learning them. But I would have to disagree. The Angel cards provide deeper insight — to better yourself.

These cards can:

1. Give affirmations
2. Give us strength to improve the situation
3. Provide wisdom or knowledge that the Angels would like to share to empower us to make changes for the better

The Angel Cards always have a positive message for us no matter what the outcome is. They also help us find the answers that lie deep within ourselves, places where we normally don’t look.

For example, I was once overly concerned that I had made a mistake while speaking to my friend, thinking I might have said too much. So I asked the Angel Cards to provide guidance. I got a reminder to be patient, to go outside, and that all things would end well.

You know what? Those cards were right because the first thing I had to learn was to be patient with myself. I was driving myself crazy saying, “I shouldn’t have said that to him.” Then I came to the realization that I was being over critical, and I had to tell myself to stop thinking that way. When I was able to calm myself down, I took the next step that the next card suggested — which was to go outside.

The card itself was a kind reminder to teach me to go outside and clear my mind. I needed to be reminded to breathe. Even if I was just window shopping that day, the fresh air made me feel better and I wasn’t emotional about it. By the time I arrived home, an idea sprang to mind and I said to myself that I would apologize to him for what I said.

The next day, I went to see him at his office and just as I was about to tell him I was sorry, he began to apologize first. He said, “I know why you are here and before you say anything, I am sorry for being hard on you.” He explained that it was hard to hear the truth of what I said to him, but he valued my friendship and knew what I said was out of care.

While I did accept his apology, I gave mine as well. We ended up laughing it off and everything was fine. The last card had indicated the same — all things will end well. This is just an example of how Angel cards can give us some guidance to help us through our toughest times. No matter how good or bad the situation may be, the Angel cards always put a positive spin on any situation.

Remember, treat these cards like they are your own. You will find that Angel cards not only give powerful uplifting messages to our lives but they also provide kind reminders to love ourselves, to love others and they help us see that there is always a light at the end of the road. All we have to do is listen to the guidance we already have so we can reach for it!

Have you tried using Angel cards?

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