Mantras To Invite Positive Energy

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The Power of Positive Mantras

“Mantra” is a Sanskrit word, used for a phrase that is said or thought repeatedly in order to guide a person’s focus, encourage their personal growth, and help them manifest their dreams or goals. The spiritual use of mantras has its origin in Hindu practice.

Mantras function through the repetition of a concept, and sometimes the repetition of certain sounds. You repeat a word or phrase that takes your thoughts in a direction you want to encourage — perhaps a positive affirmation or calming message. In theory, you can alter the flow of your own thoughts by constantly using the mantra, whether aloud or nonverbally. Notably, when done out loud, the rhythmic sounds of the mantra can actually have a meditative effect, helping ground you in the message even further.

Mantras That Will Create Good Energy

Mantras can help people break free of negative thought patterns, improve their concentration, and remind them of their intentions. Repeating it will direct your thoughts toward growth and move you away from destruction and stagnation. Here are a few to try if you are hoping to invite positive energy into your life.

“Everything that is meant for me is already coming to me.”

This mantra helps you flush out feelings of scarcity, envy, lack, and doubt. When you believe that the things that are meant for you are already coming your way, you can release any worries that you have missed out on the things you deserve or that you will not receive them. Additionally, you can build a sense of trust that you already have what you need, spiritually speaking. Over time, this can help you let go of feelings of unworthiness or worries that you are somehow not good enough. More is coming your way.

“Be here now.”

This mantra grounds you in the present moment. This will help you experience your life as it is happening, allowing you to let go of your worries about the past or the future. When you are mentally cognizant of things as they happen, you are better able to make decisions that align with your values. The present is only available to us for such a brief period of time. This mantra helps you make the most of what you have.

How To Use a Mantra

There are a variety of ways to use mantras. You can use them in a very focused manner, such as by repeating the mantra during a meditation session. Or you can use mantras in a slightly more mundane way, perhaps by repeating the mantra to yourself whenever you catch your thoughts starting to become negative.

You can also create a structured ritual around a mantra. Perhaps you have one that you like to recite to yourself at the same time every day (for instance, upon waking up and/or going to sleep). Other mantras might be used every time you go to a certain location or participate in a particular activity. Try experimenting with a few different methods to see which format works best for you. Alternatively, you can blend them together to create a personal set of mantras that you use at different times and in different places.

Banish Negative Energy

Try to have patience with this process. The effects will probably not be instantaneous or drastic. Eventually, however, you’ll begin to notice that it gets easier to shift your mind away from negative thoughts, and a general positivity may start to fill the background of your mind, replacing what may have previously been occupied by worry or stress. The longer you work with a given mantra, the more benefits you’ll see from it.

Mantras are a great tool when used as part of a holistic approach to removing negative energy. Mantra work can support other energy work or healing that you’re engaged in. If you would like to create a more personalized mantra or talk about how to remove negative energy from a specific area of your life, consider speaking with a Life Path Psychic for guidance.

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