Red Responds: Neither of Them Could Move

Justine in Melbourne writes:

I am having a hard time letting go of a man I believe I was destined to be with in this lifetime. The connection we have has been apparent for four and a half years. We live in different cities, this has been part of the problem in the past as neither of us were in a position to move. However, I am now able to move to be closer to him. Each time we have gotten close it seems to have been all talk on his part and little action. Am I wasting my time giving him another chance, if so how do I release him from my heart? What is the lesson that I am not getting so as to move on?

Dear Justine,

The man in your heart can be quite the challenge, as he is better in fantasy than reality. Even though he cares for you a great deal, I don’t see him as one to step up and pave the way for the two of you to completely come together. Rather than being a joint effort, that is a burden that seems to fall on you.

This relationship isn’t unworkable, but it is less than ideal. Should you decide to give him another chance, there are challenges and obstacles that lie ahead that make you continue to question your judgment. Even though your connection to this man is strong, the man himself is not. This makes for a very frustrating dynamic.

Before you move in pursuit of love, you need to honestly evaluate what exactly you would be moving for. The lesson in this relationship is that you can have what you want, but not the way that you want it. His commitment to this relationship is a bit thin – it seems as if it is more of a long-term affair.

The two of you were destined to be in each other’s lives, but to what capacity is largely a choice of free will. Giving him another chance may not bring the exact results that you desire, but it will bring you the clarity you seek in order to free your heart.

Good luck!
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