Red Responds: Uncover a Con

Kathleen from Fort Worth, Texas asks:

Red, my question to you has to do with my Aunt Marilyn. She lives in Florida and is elderly. There is an ex-Catholic priest that is preying on her. He was let go of the church for fathering a child, embezzling from the church fund and the list goes on. We are her only living family (my dad was her brother). Recently, she listed the ex-priest as sole beneficiary of her will. And should I mention she is very wealthy. How can we help her? This guy is a charmer. This is her worst nightmare coming true! Thank you for your guidance!

Psychic Red ext. 9226 Responds:

Dear Kathleen,

Unfortunately, from a psychic perspective, there seems to be very little that you can do. Your aunt may be elderly, but she has a strong will and a strong mind.

She does not see her priest-friend as manipulative, self-serving or as a negative influence on her or her life. She only sees a man who has made some bad choices and mistakes, finds life as confusing as the rest of us, and seems to really care about her. He listens to her, spends time with her and even will help out and run errands. He makes her feel alive and less alone.

Her decision to leave her estate to him was hers. While he has manipulated her, he never asked for this outright, nor did he threaten her. To her, he is the most deserving and logical choice. She isn’t willing or capable of seeing the situation in a different light—her mind is made up. And, as far as she is concerned, she has thought it through, and it is a justified decision.

There seems to be very little that you can do. I don’t see you or your family being in a position to have her declared incompetent. I also don’t see you or your family finding an attorney who can make much, if any, difference in the situation.

Your aunt doesn’t see this as a nightmare. She sees it as a blessing for someone whom she deems worthy, when she passes. While it may not seem fair to you and your family, your aunt seems prepared to stand firm in her decisions.

All I can really tell you is to prepare for the worst. If you feel that contesting her wishes after her death is the right thing to do, you may have some marginal success. However, if there is a way to overrule or completely reverse her decisions entirely, I’m not seeing it at this time.

I wish you luck, and nothing but the Brightest of Blessings,


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One thought on “Red Responds: Uncover a Con

  1. Laura

    So your Aunt was elderly and lonely. This is the degradation of our society, that we abandon our relatives as they age. She sees this priest as being someone that has been friendly and made her feel less alone. If it wasn’t the money YOU were after, wouldn’t you and your family have always been there for her so that no one could have the potential of manipulating her to any degree? This is your Karma as well, don’t you think.


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