True Love Can Return

Should You Return to Lost Loves?

I laugh when clients suggest that they are “too old” for love, as love is a tool for spiritual growth, and we are never too old to learn and grow! My grandmother was single for most of my life; when she was 92 years old, her sweetheart from sixty years before came back into her life. They were married and spent the last eight years of their lives blissfully together! Their union was so deeply connected that when he passed, it was less than three months later that her body released her, and her soul followed him.

Many of my students, clients, friends, and loved ones, have connected with past loves; from high school, college, earlier jobs or projects. Based on what is sometimes as light as flirtations, found each other again. I don’t believe in coincidence, I feel that we have a plan, with some emotional contracts before we ever enter into this lifetime! So we can never really ever say never! Keep your heart and mind open. Live your life in the now. You cannot sit at home waiting for that person to find you again, you must live your life to keep the energy flowing forward.

What you can do in the meantime is get ready! Work on your own independence, on self esteem. Get things in order in your career, so that when you do find a partner, you have the money or vacation benefits to allow special travel and fun together. Stay away from fixating on your appearance or how much “you have aged” as I have not seen that in even ONE of these returning love scenarios. What I do see is someone who will see you as the person they were attracted to years ago!

Where to find old loves? My sister was “found” by a fellow who had a crush on her in high school when she was 48 by an online “high school” site. They married and were happily together until her death fifteen years later. Many people these days have done a search on Facebook and found people from their pasts that were very glad to reconnect. You can also check into class reunions, or call some of their old friends or family to check for an address to “just say hello!” Look online at the phone book for the last area you knew they were. There are also online “people find” services that sometimes help, but be careful in your choice of which one to use, ask for references.

Just keep in mind that love is a spiritual exploration of one’s self through a more dual experience and it is not an award or a judgment of your life. We ALL deserve to be loved, and the best way to pull it in is to shine the light of who you are as bright and strong as you can. Don’t give up five minutes before the miracle!

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11 thoughts on “True Love Can Return

  1. adeshola

    Rose cocca,
    good talk, but i feel everyone is loving and everyone needs love. one can’t do without it.
    u need to releave yourself of your past or else it would keep to hunt you.
    share your past secretes with your lover, let him into your past and wait for the magic.
    free yourself my dear and allow your heart to love. release your body and soul to love.

  2. sweetz1

    I’m praying and hoping that one day my true love will come back into my life. Even though, I’m much older that him, you would think that I would be more mature about it and let it go. But I can not! I thought that was pretty neat about your grandmother. So, I wish the best for everyone, who have fallen in love and just can;t seem to let go. I pray that God will bring their soul mate into their life.

  3. Stacey

    I just found my greatest love in April actually he found me and decided to send me a message which was surprising. I hurt him badly 11 years before now I’m 30 and I know that he is who I really want to be with. We are working through the pain I caused him to at least be friends. I tell him I love him all the time. I wasted a lot of time and I feel he needs to know I love him. Unfortunately I am currently separated but still married to the man I left my hearts mate for and I have a son who is a pre-teen plus he has someone himself. I am hoping that things can be fixed over come and when I am ready and have things in more order he will be able to see me as the woman he loved all grown up and mature. Having him in my life is a blessing that I will not take for granted ever again.

  4. Sassee

    I have to say I have been looking for a long lost love and I have been hoping and praying to be able to find him. He was a great love of mine from 15 years ago, that I let go for foolish reasons and have regretted hurting him the way that I did to this day.
    15 years ago i was so young and crazy and kept going for the bad boys. I had been hurt so badly from a previous relationship that when this good guy came along I was scared he was to good to be true and kept on going with the bad boys. It has taken me this long, but have realized that he was the one guy that was true to me and not once did he ever treat me the way the others treated me.
    He was warm, caring, trustworthy, and made me feel like the most special girl in the world to have him in my life. The kinds of things you should look for in a partner, but back then I never did.
    I have been searching for him on Facebook as well as many other avenues and have had no luck as of yet. I can only keep hoping and praying that I will find my happily ever after with him someday. I know that if I would be given a second chance with this great love, that it is an opportunity that I would not turn away from again and would make sure he knows that he will be loved and cared for the way I should have loved and cared for him back then.

  5. kimberly sechrist

    my love of 15 years just left me in december. i trully loved jacob resendez and i so would love to have him back, but he wont even talk to me and actually i think he hates me . i hope that true love can withstand time and 2 people can reunite after time and i hope it will happen to me. but i am not getting my hopes up cause i think once they are gone they are gone and forget all about the love they once loved

  6. Lorelei

    I think running into old loves can be good or bad. I’ve seen them start back from when they left off and things were great. And I saw some people get back with old flames only to have the issues rise their ugly heads again. I guess it just depends on where we are in our spiritual evolution.

  7. Susanne Loeffle

    I think the story about you grandmother is very nice. I however don’t think finding a old flame is always the best option. People go chasing these lost infatuations and often don’t realize what they get is what they bargained for. The reality is their expectations for this old flame or crush may not be realistic. So many lifes can get ruined by these people trying to chase the past that they forget to see the present or the future. Always remember that if this is what you want to look for that the grass is always greener on the other side, but you have to eventually mow it.

  8. tbird

    This article really speaks to me, Yemaya. A few years ago I was in a bad marriage, went to a 30 year class reunion where I saw a fellow who I had a big crush on in high school. He had just gotten divorced 3 months prior to the reunion. We didn’t get to talk much there but he said he never realized that I liked him that much back in the day. Four years after the reunion we connected on a ‘high school’ website, and when my divorce was final we started talking more, seeing each other this year and though the words haven’t been spoken yet, I know we’re in love. Several psychics have helped me along the way and a few have told me that we’ll be married, that he’s my soulmate. There’s an incredible attraction here, and our lives have been so similar in several ways. Like you, I believe there’s more here than just coincidence. I’ll be so happy when he pops the question. You gave excellent advice when you told people to get ready!

  9. costaric

    Today’s newsletter is by far the best one I have read since I signed up. It is so true “get ready” about working on your independence and working hard to get some money together so you have time and resources to travel.

  10. jesse9027

    I liked what you had to share about your grandmother. It would be wonderful if we could all look forward (with real certainty) to reconnecting with the one true love that got away.

    However, it is all too easy to hold that one love up to such an impossible standard that anyone else who comes along to love you will never meet that measure. You end up never fully give yourself to the love you have in the present because you are always looking back over your shoulder at what might have been. Chances are the one that got away might not be quite so amazing in present time. He or she might end up being gray haired old people heading to Florida instead of being the passionate fire that warmed your heart decades ago!

    I always tell people that the reason our eyes are in the front of our heads is because we are made to keep moving FORWARD They are not in the back of our heads so we can keep gazing at the past.

    If anyone has ever had one great, true and passionate love, and if it was really felt by both people, sometimes just the memory of it is meant to be enough. Many times it is a past life situation that has been presented so you can both finally find closure and move on. Sometimes it is just going to be a series of painful moments filled with “what if’s”, but it should never keep us hanging on a hook hoping to reconnect and have everything work out just fine.

    In my opnion, Facebook and MySpace and such social networks do as much damage as they ever did any good. Sure it’s great to find old classmates and lost family,etc., but when old connections begin to take on a real possibility and when one or both people now have families of their own and are married to other people, it can be dangerous and damaging to everyone involved.

    In short, I think your article was lovely and I am happy your grandmother was able to spend her last years with someone special. I also hope that most of our readers do not keep looking for miracle reconnections and in the seeking step over love that is right in front of them

    Just my opinion…
    Jesse 9027

  11. Rose Cocca

    i am not looking for lost loves…you can’t find true love in every man you meet…it is not there or it is ….i only had one relationship now not in my past….true love never left me in anyway…..only my soulmate let it go..right now he doesnt know what he wants….it is a time that he has a middle age crisis…only he is not middle age…im looking to move..because i cant keep up with this house….all i need is 3 rooms and i am looking in your place…DONT think that i will be watching you…you can go wherever you want …..last time i had a relationship is when i was 16 years old….and then i got married… not going into that because that is my secret..and my past is my secret….i done things in my past.and im not goiing to tell….to me love is very blissfull ..and i never been IN LOVE BEFORE all i know i did love….so i think that is my story…i want to be in a relationship ….but you want freedom…i know you are the one..but i cant keep you…you got to do what makes you happy….


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