The Other Side of Cheating

We, as psychics, deal on a day to day basis with the agony that cheaters cause in relationships. The gut wrenching fear of knowing or not knowing, the anger and rage of betrayal, the devastation caused. The inability to ever trust a significant other again.

But there’s another side that is not often looked at, and may be unpopular. The truth is, if your cheater didn’t care about you at all, they wouldn’t try to hide an affair. The fact that they go to extreme lengths to keep you from discovering it shows how much they DO care about losing you! I know, it’s an unpopular viewpoint because of the “ownership” we tend to assign ourselves over our significant other, it’s inherent in relationships and in society’s rules.

But if you really could divorce your head from your heart, think clearly about what’s going on, you could be very surprised. They usually love you and don’t want to lose you. They usually have some sort of issue with themselves, where they just need more; more love, more romance, more fun; and hope to get it out of their system and get back to their old lives, without you being the wiser.

Sometimes, a relationship is at the breaking point, or so cold or lonely that an affair is the only thing that allows a partner to continue to stay in it. Acting somewhat like the third leg of a stool, propping up a diseased marriage or long term relationship, an affair can be what saves this type of situation. In many cases, this is actually proof of a deep commitment and loyalty to the primary relationship. Rather than leave the spouse, who would be devastated, they get warmth, romance, sex or even just friendship from one another.

The threat comes into play when the warmth and romance become so addicting that the cheater decides they have to leave, almost as a matter of life and death to them; they literally feel they will die if they don’t leave. And in some ways, it’s true. A part of your joyful, innocent and childlike self can die away if it goes too long without the love and nurturing it needs.

The time to fix all this is way before the attraction to another starts. Talking, sharing life’s moments, mutuality and hope, create a strong bond of intimacy and an excitement to move together into the future. This also helps ward off threats from others.

Just remember, all is not lost because someone cheats; if you can use your head instead of your heart, keep your cool and get to the bottom of what ailed the relationship, you can turn it around and come out stronger than you were before. If you can look at the problems and put ownership and pride aside for just a while, if you truly love your cheater, then a new and different, honest relationship is possible, and cheating won’t need to be a part of it.

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4 thoughts on “The Other Side of Cheating

  1. Adnan

    1. They start working a lot of oervtime: He/She is working late hours more often More out of town trips suddenly Sudden trips to work at weird hours 2. Your Lover / Spouse is no longer interested in sex: Huge Red Flag! 3. They like to say It’s your imagination : Chances are if you suspect it it is true.4. They use the internet excessively:You find your spouse is constantly online late at night when you go to bed. Closes window or computer when you come in room.Very defensive about spending time on the computer more often than usual.5. Suddenly wanting to do new sexual techniques: Where did they learn that? 6. You keep receiving hang up phone calls:Why? the person on the other end doesn’t want to talk to you?7. They start wearing different kinds of clothing,start working out, pay more attention to the way they look .8. They stop wearing their wedding ring:Anyway, this is a few of the signs My husband cheated on me!!!I hired a private detective because my husband also turned into a big liar!!

  2. sharrollene

    this sounds good to me lets try it. it will be a secret between you and me. this is ok with me. i’m ok with it are you. thank you.

  3. Rose Cocca

    i love my cheater..but i tried many times to see him but he WONT let me in..or he will tell me NOT TO COME AROUND ANY MORE.. why does any on e have to cheat….all of my friends do not cheat…and they still intact ..with their partner….i dont know anything about cheating…because it never happen to me….WHY does man/women have to cheat….do they know that they can catch.anything..or they have to safe sex…im might be crazy i kiss 2 men in my lifetime and that is enought…how can people cheat going around kissing everyone…and having sex…THERE IS ONLY THING I HATE IN A RELATIONSHIP IS A CHEATER…but i trust my other halve ..i know he wont do that…i thing he over it…BUT IF HE DOES AND I FIND OUT GOOD BYE FOR REAL….it mean he does not love me enough to stand by me…..


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