Red Responds: Find Patience When You Want Change Now

Susan from Jackson, Mississippi asks:

Dear Red, first thank you for your gift and insight to help others. My question is when will I get out of the hateful building where I work? I am applying for other jobs federal, state online and private. The building where I work is a horror. There is no management, and they are not trying. I am so stressed that I am in knots all the time. Do you see me getting something soon, and do I have to move to get there? I have no savings, and the company will have to help if they want me to move? Do you also see me meeting someone at this new job and marry and moving to a new state? I would like to get to Tennessee. Thanks for all you do and God bless. 

Psychic Red ext. 9226 Responds:

Dear Susan,

I want to encourage you to keep searching for that next opportunity, because you’ll have to in order to bring it about. However, as much as I hate to say this, I want you to be prepared for things to move slowly. Psychic timing is always tough, and hopefully I am wrong, but I’m not seeing you starting a new job until next spring. Please don’t let that discourage you. Becoming disheartened won’t make anything any easier, and isn’t likely to speed things up, either. So, stay as positive as you can, and keep the energy and momentum flowing by following every avenue that can lead you to the job and life you deserve. You aren’t doing anything wrong, but you are at the mercy of a victimized economy. Universally, there’s a lot of stagnation going on when it comes to jobs and careers, and you are not presenting as being exempt. So, even though it feels very personal, do your best to keep in mind that it’s not!

I do see love and marriage in your future, but it’s not exactly being presented as if it is intertwined with your job. Your future mate isn’t a coworker, however, you will be introduced to him by one. Apparently he is the younger brother of a female with whom you will be working. She will quickly become a friend and an ally. She may actually be a team leader or manager, and it will be her who initially shows you the ropes at your new job. While the job itself does present to be a little heavy on the clerical side, there is also significant influence of research and development, all swirled up with accounting. Looking at all that, I have no clue what your title or position will be, but I can tell you that you will like the freedom and diversity of the position. The structure and management is coming through a little screwed up—but not nearly to the degree you are suffering with now. While your new job is being strongly presented as a “government job,” there seems to be some kind of crossover. You may actually be employed federally, but you are ultimately working for the benefit of the state.

While I certainly can’t rule out you and your future hubby having a weekend place in Tennessee, it looks as if your primary relocation is going to shift you somewhere in the north-central region in North Carolina. While I am seeing that you will be offered some relocation assistance, I have to warn you that this move is going to have some impact on your pocketbook. However, between the job and the life it gives you, it will be worth the initial financial stress. You’ll recover and be living much better than what you are now roughly six months after the logistical shift.

It seems like the Universe does have a pretty positive plan for you, she just isn’t sharing the details with you at this time. So, hang in there! Patience may not be one of your strongest points, but your perseverance certainly is going to pay off, and pay off well.

I hope this helps you!

Brightest Blessings,


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5 thoughts on “Red Responds: Find Patience When You Want Change Now

  1. mona

    Dear Red,

    I am deaf and in a 3rd custody fight for my now 11 year old daughter. I am struggling financially and in every other way…please tell me if I will prevail and will he try again to gain custody?


  2. Gina

    Dear Red I left a comment on your site the other day and the responce was that my comment was under moderation. Do you feel that with T and I will come to a true communication of the situation and that there will be a resolution. Do you feel I will forgive T and we reconcile or I will marry a different man. Either way will it be a good chose and will we be happy, secure in our carees. Also financially secure where we reside in Florida or will we have to make a major move to have the life we both want? Thank you for your input in this situation.


  3. Rose Cocca

    it sounds like this article is about moving..i am trying to move because i cant stay in this house any is to big for me…i dont want to move to far..because my family and my friends are close by…

  4. tatyana

    Hi I am wondering what you see going on with personal life. I went thru an ugly period in late july. Wonder what you see going on I am meant to move into a different house in about a month. Anf have someone in my life whom I love. We went thru a rough patch over the end of the summer and I hope are now coming out the other side


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