DreamCast: Connect to Deceased Loved Ones in Dreams

Mette from Fjellstrand, Norway writes:

My husband died ten years ago of cancer. I have only had a few dreams involving him since then, but recently I had a vivid dream about him that I can’t seem to forget. In the dream, he asked me to go with him into the garage, which was filled with bottles of water (it had been raining heavily for a few days in waking life, hence the bottles?). We sat down together on a crate containing bottled water. He looked very serious and said, “I have to tell you something.”

I answered, “Oh please don’t give me any bad news.”

Then the alarm clock went off, and I woke up. I had a feeling he was going to tell me something important, but the alarm disturbed him and woke me up. The dream felt very real. I saw his face clearly and somehow in the dream, I knew that he was dead and had come to me in a dream. It bothers me a lot that I never got to know what he was going to tell me.

Hello Mette,

I can understand your frustration. The alarm going off was bad timing indeed! Or perhaps it was the perfect timing if your husband was about to deliver a difficult message.

I can also understand why the interaction with him felt very real. Deceased loved ones often come to the living in dreams to offer messages of comfort (“I’m doing fine over here”), encouragement (“Don’t give up on your project”), forgiveness (“I understand now why you acted that way”) or love (“We’ll see each other again”). These dreams are actual visitations, not merely wishful thinking on the part of the dreamer.

Although I can’t tell you what your husband was about to say, perhaps these clues will help. The dream taking place in the garage may indicate some information about your health (automobiles often symbolize one’s body) or a journey you’re about to take. The bottled water may, as you suggested, be a reflection of the rain outside. Or perhaps you literally need to drink more fluids. The water might also symbolize your (or your husband’s) emotional state, as in being “bottled up” inside and needing to express something.

In any case, I fully expect you’ll hear from him again. To encourage another visitation dream, try meditating about your husband before going to sleep, and asking him to deliver the complete message in another dream. You can be sure he’ll hear you and provide an answer when you’re ready to receive it.

Sweet dreams,


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27 thoughts on “DreamCast: Connect to Deceased Loved Ones in Dreams

  1. gail

    I don’t know if u received that about my sister and her baby plz try n help us comunicate i need to know shes ok so lost without my little sister don’t know how or why this has happened plz help thank u xx

  2. gail

    Plz can u help me in so lost at the minute,my 31yr old sister who was 6 months pregnant has passed away very suddenly, she was at home in bed got up for water and callapsed on to her boyfriend,he got her to hospital,they done an emergency section and got baby Harlow out an took to intensive care, my sister was put on life support,she had a heart beat, but the doctors said she had a massive brain hemmarage and it caused stem cell death instantly, then after the doctors told us my sister would never recover she was brain dead,20 mins later they told us baby Harlow was same has her mum through lack of oxygen, they are both in the chaple of rest at the minute they don’t get buried untill Thurs she was my only sister we have no one its absolutely deverstated me and her boyfriend and only nephew, can u contact her see if shes ok um so worried about her, something’s not right i can feel it plz try for me in so deverstated its broken our hearts to pieces plz plz help


    hi my name is Shelley Healy and I loss my mother, father, grandparents from both parents—- my fathers brother, and many other relatives, how can I tell who is trying to tap—-me on my shoulder, etc. but I can tell that my parents are with me when I have surgery. please help me.

  4. Brendan

    Hello, boy do I got a good one, I was introduced to my late partner by a mutual friend. He was down south and I was in New England, we chatted online and talked on the phone, it was INSTANT love, there was some obligations to tend to before he came up to start our lives together, 6 days before meeting me, he had a brain anyerisum, 2 weeks later he passed, at first i would hear faint whispers and a strange light from outside the window, now I met a medium who channels him on a nightly basis to chat, but myself and my partner that crossed over are trying so hard for me to connect in a dream. I never saw video or him in person, I dont know his mannerizums, is this why its so hard to meet in dreams? he tells me all the time we meet I just dont remember..HELP!

  5. regina

    my father passed away two weeks ago and his spirit came through my apartment like a speed of light and then he came to me in two dreams one night he told me he knew it wasnt me that didnt get along with my sister it was her all along. then the next dream he came to me he was walking with me my mother and sister and we had shopping carts he said i can only walk three blocks and where is this lady named radio and.he looked young and well.

  6. john

    My uncle passed away 6 month ago . He came to visit me in my dream last night . There was an incredible sense of peace along with him . He was sitting on my couch in the living room . I touched his knee and said thankyou ..It was so real I woke up and ran out there to see if he was really there …My aunt was with him too ,but I didn’t see her,.. I just knew she was there too …

  7. Kaitlyn

    My great grandmother has came to me twice. My first dream consisted of me looking at my reflection in a mirror and her reflection showed back at me, as if she was standing behind me. She wouldn’t speak to me, but I could see her. My second dream I could speak to her, but I couldn’t see her. Also when she spoke back to me, it wasn’t her voice, it was someone else’s. But she told me I could ask two questions. So I did, he spirit was behind my tv stand and I was asking her questions while I was laying in bed exactly where I had been sleeping.

  8. Lost Love!

    I was married to a man several years ago, I left him!
    His whole attitude had started to change towards me!
    Don’t get me wrong, he was a really good husband before that!
    Several years later he was diagnosed with a brain tumor, that’s why he had changed!
    In the mean time I moved on with my life, twice, both times it was not good!!
    A couple of years ago, I came to realize I still loved him, and how really stupid I was for leaving.. I might say, he still loved me too!! Now, it is to late, he died in Aug, 16,2002, His Birth date, May, 28, 1941,I am so overwhelmed with guilt!!
    But, here is something I would like to know! In 2011 about 6 months after my Mom died, I had walked past my stereo, and it was on, nobody turned it on! I listen to Classic Rock, I thought it might be my moms spirit being she had passed not long ago, but she didn’t like that kind of music!! My x husband did, is it possible it was a sign from him????!! There is no other explanation for what had happened!!

  9. leidy

    Most of my life is lived in a dream world, hence my blog title Daydreamer . I don’t think it is necessary to live your damers as long as you have a sort of parallel universe to escape to when the going gets too hard.As to the other kind, the product of the subconcious which make their presence felt when asleep, there is nothing much to be done about them, enjoy the good ones and try not to be too alarmed by the other kind, since we can’t influence them in any way.A life without damers would be unthinkable for me, a barren landscape.

  10. stan danagher

    hi just wondering is my da around to look after us he passede away aweek ago wud der b a chance he wil appear to me so we can talk

  11. Corinne Mielnichuk

    I had a dream my brother-in-law/friend killed himself. We were all living at his moms at the time. It was a dream that wouldn’t let me go back to sleep. I waited till he got up and told him about it he said he was too young and good lookin to do that. This dream would not leave for a very long time. Well 2 weeks after my husband and I moved to our new place he hung himself. Why wouuld I have this dream and tell him, only to have him do it. For a couple of years after his step dad couldn’t deal , he was the only one home that night, and by all accounts should have heard him and didn’t There were 2 dogs there and didn’t hear them either. Well Claude kept comming to me in my dreams telling me to tell his dad he didn’t hear him because of the train, they lived across the highway from the tracks. At risk of dad thinkin me a nut, I told him. I don’t really know what dad thought he did stop drinking as much. Was this claude with a message for dad? I don’t know

  12. cath

    My Mother comes to me and tells me when things are going to happen or when a baby is going to be born. She told me that my son was going to be a father.. That next morning I told him my mom came to me in a dream and told me something important and asked him if we could speak private. He said no anything she had to say just say it. Well I blurted out Your going to be a father. Well his girlfriend turned white. He looked at me in shock. The next words out of his mouth were well she is right we didn’t know how to tell you we found out 2 days ago.. She then came back and told me it was a girl. I asked them if they wanted to know the sex because she came again. they said they were going for the ultra sound so why not. I told them they were having a dark haired girl.. She was right agian.. Then she told me the business was going to fail it did. I lost everything. My home my life savings all gone from a charliton. I am hoping she comes to me and tells me I will be on my own 2 feet again. Maybe my anger is blocking her… Hoping to see her again soon.. what a wonder angle I have looking over me…

  13. Linda

    Hi courtney. I need your help as to connecting with deceased ones while meditating. I also want to contact them in my dreams. I am have some really difficult times right now with my ex boyfriend. we were together for 2.5 years. lived with me for 1.5 years. His wife died 3years ago. I met him 4months after she died. I know that she is here with me and i am trying to contact her for advise as what to do. He left me for someone else. I know that he was procused by this woman, and because he was at a very difficult time,dealing with the lose of his wife, the grief. I had been helping him. She tool advantage of the situtation and has him so screwed up in the head. It’s really a long story. I could use your help. Please can u write me back with any advice that u can give me? I will gladly answer. thank you

  14. Jenna

    I am only 13, but i really like this guy. All my friends tease me about liking him, but i can’t seem to get over him. He barely knows i exist.
    So, I had this dream, and in it he and I were at a school that was like my elementary school, middle school, and the high school I will go to all mushed together. We were working together as a couple of student teachers, when suddenly everyone started screaming. So we were running up and down endless hallways, and then suddenly he left and I found my self outside. There was a huge tower, and you had to step on it at the exact correct moment to make it stay stairs, and it kept changing colors. There was one for girls, and one for guys. I climbed down my side, and followed him up to his side, where he ran up to me and began to kiss me.

    Is this just wishful thinking on my part or does it mean something else entirely?

  15. Nena

    The dreams I have about my father’s relatives are very frightening. They were very mean spirited in life and it’s like they still want to abuse and torment me from beyond the grave. Does anyone know if this is the case?

  16. sisterj

    Hi Mette – I use a method to learn more from a vivid dream it has been amazing.
    Get in a comfortable position close eyes and just relax. Take a few deep breaths and run thru the dream a couple of times then decide what you want to know more about. Try to really feel yourself there. I usual feel an essence of the dream, it is an atmosphere. When you get to the part where the alarm goes off – change it so it doesn’t – and wait to see what happens or what he says. or you could say ” I’m sorry for the interruption – What did you want to tell me”?

    Hope this will help you.

  17. Leslie

    I met the love of my life 30 years ago then left for the service.. Got married, had two great kids, lost my husband 7 yrs ago to a heart attack… The love of my life came back into the picute 2-3 months ago,, Is my late husband ok with this ,,will i be happy??

  18. Gloria

    Hi, i had a dream, & in the dream i was getting married but didn’t see d groom, and i didn’t like the wedding dress that was given to me, so went out to look for another dress, but finally found one but already late for the wedding, so the wedding didn’t hold before i woke up.

  19. Anne

    Hi Cortney,

    I had a weird dream a few nights ago. I was in Montreal (I just went over there for 5 days) staying with my father (who passed away a couple of years ago). He’d told me to go down the street to find this park (as I was looking for a park). I was walking into the park with my bike in hand. I overheard people talking and one guy was describing a woman he’d fallen in love who was married and I realised she was someone I had worked with in the past. So I butted in saying that that sounded like the person I knew (which it was) but the conversation turned to the type of work I had been doing (working large events Olympic Games etc) and how I now was thinking of leaving that behind me after 7 major events because of my last experience which was the worse one and in which politics and positioning by others made me feel like I couldn’t contribute and felt stifled. The guy quickly said that he found it hard to believe it couldn’t be great because he worked in Nagano (which was my first Olympics). I also worked there and had the greatest experience of my life so conveyed that to him and then my alarm clock sounded.

    I’ve been trying to find some way to start a business that I could do from wherever I am in the world and work for myself from now on. I wonder if the dream might be telling me not to forget the event industry. Not sure. Any insights for me?

  20. Minda

    I lost my husband 6 years ago also with cancer, we never got to talk about our good byes for he passed only 5 weeks after finding out he had cancer, during those 5 weeks the last 2 weeks he was in a coma like state and words were never spoken. Now 6 years later I still have not had that TRUE breakdown and cried about him. Sure I cry and tear up to this day, but I feel like its bottled up and won’t come out. I don’t dream of him although I wish I could and see him again. Please tell me how to go about getting him to come to me, theres so much I’d like to say to him. He was and is the love of my life to this day and I really feel like I’ll never have a real relationship again until I do let go. Am I waiting for his approval or waiting to say its ok to let him go?

    Thanks Minda in Georgia

  21. LYNNE

    ,,,,I dream of my Sainted mother most nights…..

    The dreams are aried & very vivid in detail

    A recurring dream is her giving me HUGE pastries & fruits- especially cherries & oranges

    ( I mean basketball size)

    What might this mean…..these years have been so hard


  22. Nancy

    I can-t let go of my father. Hedied Dec 2, 2009. I am the oldest, born 7/3/64. I was the caretaker for over several years. I keep trying to chase heim. My mom is saying let go, but I cant find peace with myself. What do I do?

  23. Victor Nwabueze

    I am grateful with your horoscopes but still want to know more about my academic results and my coming days in life.

  24. Deborah

    husband died august 20th of this year 3 months almost relationship was not good and he was a very mean person but he was dying with liver cancer and all he had was me so I took care of him with no help from 8 kids he keeps scaring me in my dreams and I keep seeing his face can not sleep why or how can I erase these dreams

  25. vivs

    My husband first appeared in dreams..so realistically…then i heard a voice..which i assumed was him..now he showers me with visions of flowers..on one occassion i saw an outline of him..if it werent that i knew how much he loved me..i would be scared..now,,i am comforted by this spiritual presence


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