Your Body’s Energetic Needs For a Healthier Life

Give Your Spirit What It Needs!

You feed your body every day. You give it food, water, air and sleep, all of the basic components to be alive. You know that feeding your body good food results in better health, more sleep increases productivity and so on. The body’s basic needs are met but what about feeding your soul? Have you considered what it takes to make you whole and healthy? Creating sustained health in your life doesn’t end with keeping the body physically healthy. To create total health, you have to attract positive, healing energy to every aspect including your mind and spirit.

These days the mind has become overactive with stimulus coming in from every direction. The healthiest mind is one that is the calmest even in the most extreme circumstances. My teacher once told me “so goes the breath, so goes the mind,” so start by doing some breathing exercises each day. Bringing awareness to full, expansive breaths over a period of even a minute or two will help quickly calm the mind. Inhale deeply into the upper shoulders ending with the belly and exhale starting with the belly then squeezing the last bit from just under your shoulders. This breath creates space in the body which is an energetic cleanser allowing for more good to come in. As you inhale, think of something that you’d like to bring into your life. As you exhale, think of something that you’d like to remove. Linking thoughts and breath allows us to be more fluid which in turn creates a healthy, calm relationship with our subconscious.

Meditation is a technique to link breath with intention and visualization to bring further awareness to inner thoughts. Practicing meditation for as little as five minutes a day will help you gather your thoughts and reset the mind to think more clearly, particularly if you tend to get easily agitated.

There are many energy centers in the body. Clearing them through visualization can help heal the body by bringing awareness to the areas that need the most energetic care. Start with the breath, inhaling in that which serves you and exhaling any negativity or toxicity. Visualize a ball of energy that’s bright and clear. Imagine that ball of energy growing bigger as you scan your body from the top of your head to your toes. As you breathe into the light, you release any tension and as you inhale, bring in healing energy. Aim to do this a few minutes a few times a week then increase the time and frequency. Make this a habit you can’t live without and something that you do to feed your mind and spirit.

Taking care of your spirit is simply about what makes you happy and supported. When was the last time you did something just for yourself? I don’t mean basic needs; those are already taken care of. If you’ve been neglecting doing something that you consider a luxury of time or money, this is the time to do it. Your spirit needs it. This doesn’t mean run out and feed your spirit every time you get the bug to go shopping, it’s simply doing something for yourself.

Read the book you’ve been meaning to read. Lay in the hammock just because you can. Get that massage without needing a reason. Meditate. Laugh. Go to lunch with a friend and take three hours to do it. Doing just a few things for yourself will help you become clearer, happier and more calm throughout your life.

You deserve to live a sustained happy life. You deserve to take the time to take the time. You spend your time filling up everyone else’s cup, now it’s time to pour a little into your own.

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3 thoughts on “Your Body’s Energetic Needs For a Healthier Life

  1. Rose Cocca

    i think now is the time to think of myself…and dont worry anybody else…i think every person can take care them selfs…mind..body and spirit…i love to laugh it is the best medicine any one can make me forget everything…

  2. Dragana Rosic

    Thanks for the beautiful article,and my best regards
    You deserve to live a sustained happy life. You deserve to take the time to take the time. You spend your time filling up everyone else’s cup, now it’s time to pour a little into your own.

    Thanks one more time ,with reeding your text,I allready I feed my spirit.


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