Red Responds: Do You Have to Forgive Them?

Forgiveness is good karma, but it may be a mistake to take back an ex. If you make this decision from a place of peace, you can avoid additional karmic debt.

Understanding Karmic Duty and Forgivenes

Sara from Seattle, Washington asks:

Is it my karmic duty in this lifetime to forgive my ex-boyfriend and take him back? Is that what forgiveness means? Or is it possible to forgive him without taking him back?

Psychic Red ext. 9226 Responds:

Dear Sara,

Forgiving your ex certainly will increase your positive karmic position in this life and the next—but you aren’t actually obligated to take him back. While this certainly is an option for you, it would be wise of you to spend some time pondering if bringing him close to you once again actually benefits you.

Karma is an exceptionally powerful force, especially in our chosen and inflicted relationships. However, do not underestimate that one of the reasons your ex and you found each other in this life was because of existing karma brought forward from lifetimes past. If you choose to realign yourself romantically with your ex because you feel it is your karmic obligation, you could be making a mistake. Karma is more than cause and effect—it’s validity.

You present as having some deeply conflicting feelings when it comes to your ex. Take the time you need to sort through these feeling before you inform him of your decision of what place he has in your life. You can, and in time, you will forgive him. This will restore a higher level of balance between the two of you, whether or not he fully understands and appreciates the esoteric and karmic significance. However, your decision to be with him or not to be with him is a much larger issue. Make this decision from a place of peace and purity, and you will avoid any additional karmic debt.

I hope this helps you.

Brightest Blessings,


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4 thoughts on “Red Responds: Do You Have to Forgive Them?

  1. kera

    if you think that he is really sorry or is done being an ass than i would forgive him but if the same patterns start again then dump him all over again and do NOT do NOTdo NOT take him back no matter how much he begs

  2. Sunny

    I think Red is exact on the forgiving part: also consider that it doesn’t have to happen overnight! It may even take weeks or months or years but you’ll feel the difference after you’ve let it go. Depending on the situation & how deep he’s hurt you… I don’t think you should take him back if it was one of your ‘deal breakers’ !!

  3. marc from the uk

    What is Karmic debt? Are we meant to meet people from Karmic past to resolve issues or mistakes?


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