Red Responds: Break Up With Your Ex on the Spiritual Level

Lynett from San Francisco, CA asks:

I feel like your post regarding sleeping with your ex is directly related to me. I have been struggling with this for about eight years, and I’m sick of it. I can’t seem to make it go away, or make it work. We keep getting together on the astral plane, and the story is always the same with different details. We’re breaking up. In the physical life, this relationship was over for me thirty years ago. Why does it keep dragging at me on the astral plane?

Psychic Red ext. 9226 Responds:

Many of us have, create or deepen our ties and bonds with the people we meet and connect with during this lifetime. Knowing that some relationships simply aren’t meant to be or in our best interest doesn’t dissipate the energy or the bonds. It would be nice if it did, but more often than not—it just doesn’t work that way.

While this relationship meets every barrier and challenge possible in “real time,” anything is possible on the astral plane. Both of you seem guilty of pulling at each other, but not in a conscious way. It’s just there still is a tie, and a whole lot of unfinished business. This makes it very easy for either one of you to “connect,” and meet up in the in-between.

It’s weird—in so many ways you have closure, and a sense of acceptance and understanding. But, that is the conscious you. The subconscious you seems to have some different ideas, and that helps allow you to get “sucked in.” What you need to realize is, there really are things you can do about this in order to feel more in control, and free… at least for the rest of this incarnation. You and your ex will have another chance to get it right, but that is for another lifetime.

There are some things that you can do in order to deflect some, if not all, of your astral interludes. Please understand that these things can take time and practice, though. Spend some time in meditation and reflection, and visualize any cords or ribbons that tether the two of you together, and see yourself breaking or cutting these bonds. Some people find it effective to tie knots or to burn the severed images, reinforcing the belief that the tethers cannot and will not find their way back into a solid connection. This practice should be done with love and kindness, not anger or resentment. It’s about liberation and freedom, not pain or loss. Other people find that through visualization techniques, surrounding themselves in a bubble of protective light, glass or a reflective surface can help them from being “drawn in and pulled upon” by the other party. There are also many accredited and respected Reiki practitioners who can help to sever the energetic ties, and release you from the sensation of bondage, frustration and powerlessness you sometimes find yourself pondering.

There are many different options to see you through the process, but you do have to understand that while you have consciously let go and want to move on, subconsciously that message isn’t quite as clear. While the subconscious cannot always be controlled, it can be retrained.

It looks to me like you can do this on your own, but you may find it easier to enlist some help. Help is good—but keep in mind, true help doesn’t cost a gazillion dollars and come with promises that all will be fine without you doing a thing. Your peace and freedom is in front of you, and your astral meetings and confusions will come to an end. There is a good-bye that you are going to render astrally, and at the moment you feel the shift, you’re also going to know that you are free.

I hope this helps you.

Brightest Blessings,


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5 thoughts on “Red Responds: Break Up With Your Ex on the Spiritual Level

  1. Jyoti

    All these ties we live with are called cords of attachment. There is one genuine healer who is adept in cutting these cords and giving results sometimes within days and sometimes a couple of weeks. SHe is genuine and very efficient. Her name is Rose Rosetree. If you google her and read her website, you will find lot of information under cords of attachment. I have had great results with her personally and strongly recommend her.

  2. Ash

    Hie.. all those reading this, hope u r well.

    my issue is similar (not at a subject matter) to Cindy’s. I was seeing this guy for a short time and in a day or two moved in with me from our first meet. I really liked this guy, at first it was just his cute looks, then when i got to know him – he was just different and i probably felt good that it was my first with a younger guy who adored me (or atleast said he did). He showed me he liked me too, in small trivial ways sometimes too and i believed him. After a couple of months however, things started going a littlw downhill and i needed to get my space back. After all i was used to living alone for a long time and to suddenly have some one around always who always talked or needed money from me got to me, and i couldnt support him mentally and emotionally any more. I asked him to move out, back to his apartment a few times, to no avail and finnaly had to embarass/insult him a bit to get my way. He finally did, but with vengence. Since he had the key to my apartment and the things at my place, he hacked into my online banking account and transfered a lot of money to his account. This didnt raise any alarm bells at the bank either because he was a registered payee and i lent him some money previously.
    The thing is it got worse after this and even if we didnt live together anymore, we didnt break up officially as he was my neighbour and i could see him any time- thought we could keep the sexual relationship going on as and when we required and i thought we shared a much deeper meaning to our relationship than sex while we were together because we connected at some level. I did have more fears and anxiety in the last few weeks, even more a reason why i had to push him out i guess. And it came true at the end.
    I havent had closure since then because we havent been able to talk, as the police got involved and he treated me roughly when i confronted him about the money.
    It pains me a lot till date of this incident and its been over a 6 weeks. Im not sure if i should call him and talk to him or have a meet to get my questions answered of how he did it, why he did it to me and if i meant nothing to him over those 4 months despite his tell tales. I know it may be all a lie, but im not a person who is satisfied by assumptions and i know it will remain with me forever and i will never be able to get over it till its resolved. This will pain till the end and be brought up at every dark time. Im afraid its affecting me mentally too ..

  3. cindy

    I was with my husband for thirty and the whole time he cheated. Now he has left and living with the woman he had an affair with for just about a year. During this marriage the stress was so bad I ended up with cancer. How do I move on for some reason leaving me for another woman really bothers me. Help


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