Overcome Your Fears Quickly

The Trickster of the Mind: FEAR


In Southwestern folklore, the coyote is known as the trickster. He plays dead when he’s trying to lure his prey. “Come closer, my friend,” is what he’s saying. “I’ll do you no harm. I’m dead.” But watch out! The seemingly harmless critter is about to ensnare you in his plot to do you in. Get too close and you’re history.

And so it is with fear. The more we focus on the things we fear, the greater the intensity of fear which can eventually immobilize us. At first, fear may seem benign, but as we dwell on our fear, it grows and grows and grows… like Pinocchio’s nose, which grows with every lie that the little guy tells. False Evidence Appearing Real—lies that our minds are creating. Eventually it becomes difficult to see the truth. We become confused and anxiety-ridden.

Usually, we’re projecting about something terrible that will happen to us or to our loved ones. As we concentrate on this trick of the mind, we can actually work ourselves up into a frenzy. Then panic can set in, and we end up in the doctor’s office getting prescribed pills, pills and more pills.

At one point in time, I taught meditation in corporations. Here I was in the board room with the “suits,” chanting and repeating the mantra to calm our minds. Amazing, huh? There were frequent discussions, most of which revolved around fear. John was a student who was at the top of his game, an international star in his field, a well-known innovator… and he was riddled with fear. Fear about what would happen to his money after he died, fear that his children wouldn’t enjoy the same success he did, fear that he would lose everything he acquired throughout his lifetime. This was before the recession, back in the days of plenty. He was unable to enjoy the fruits of his labors. The trickster had invaded his consciousness, telling many lies. He was obsessed with things that never happened and probably would never happen. Oh what a dilemma…and even worse, the other execs in the class all identified with him as they shook their heads in agreement with his concerns. Oy Vey!

“Be grateful for the challenges that bring detours on your path.  For as hard as that is to do, the challenges in your life take you to your most cherished sacred desires.” – Faith ext. 9608

It’s been said that faith is the antidote to fear. I say that trust is the antidote to fear. Faith comes from the mind…that fear-riddled mind that produced the anxiety in the first place; but trust comes from the heart. Ahhhh! Relax! Breathe into this grace-filled moment. Allow the breath to permeate your body and relax you as you give thanks for all that you have been given, starting with the gift of life. There is a rhythm in the universe as everything flows from and to the perfection that is our ground of being. Know that fear, once again, is false evidence appearing real. Everything is in perfect divine order. When things don’t go our way, it’s for a good reason. There is something for us to learn; we can grow from this obstacle. Opportunity is knocking at our doors; do we keep the door locked or do we open it to receive the lesson, the growth?

“It’s all good… it just feels like hell.” – Shyla ext. 5431

The Vedas tell a story about a young man who on walking out his door spied what he thought was a snake. He reacted in fear, but it was actually a rope.

Or in Chinese folklore there is the story about the farmer who one day realized that his axe was missing. He looked all over for it only to come up empty handed. One day he saw his neighbor’s son and he immediately knew that the boy had stolen his axe. Every time he saw the boy, the farmer thought the boy looked like a thief, walked like a thief, talked like a thief. One day, the farmer was working in the fields, and he discovered his axe lying in the grass. The next time he saw the boy, the boy walked and talked and looked like any other boy his age. And so goes the nature of the mind.

Meditation is the way out of this dilemma because it eventually gives us a clear shot to our higher self, the indwelling spirit that oversees everything, that is the witness. Welcome home!

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2 thoughts on “Overcome Your Fears Quickly

  1. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    I agree that meditation is a path to empowerment, in quieting the mind, you are also gaining clearer focus and perspective , thus shutting down your fear.

    Our fears are the biggest ” crippler ” and threat that exists, and ultimately, over time, stunts our growth , success, and happiness.

  2. Faith ext. 9608Faith ext. 9608

    Wonderful insight Marceea! Spending quiet time in meditation and giving appreciation opens the way to grace and the way out of fear. False Evidence Appearing Real ~ love that acronym. Thank you for a delightful article!

    Blessings, Faith ext. 9608


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