Red Responds: Will She Make a Living as a Writer?

Ivelisse in Jersey City writes:

I’ve been trying to become a writer for quite some time now –
several years. I have met a lot of rejection, though, and I am starting
to wonder if I am even meant to write – maybe my life purpose is
something else. Also, I am heavily in debt, and would really like to
pay it off. Is that ever going to happen?
Am I ever going to
get the life I want – financially independent, writing, and debt-free?

Dear Ivelisse,

I know that it’s been tough, and rejection is a depressing thing, but you have to keep trying! Your inner spirit is that of a writer, and it is part of your purpose. Eventually you will achieve literary success, but not quite the way you are hoping it will happen.

While it may not be your deepest passion, and it isn’t going to make you rich – I do see you writing for what appears to be a woman’s magazine. It is being presented as more of a part-time, freelance opportunity rather than a staff position, but a byline is a byline. You’ll be doing three or four articles a year to start. While that may not seem like much, it is still an achievement, and there is potential for more. You will also pick up other paying assignments from various places, and will earn fairly steady income from your efforts.

I’m not quite sure what it is you’ve been writing about, but you really should tap into your imagination and let your creativity flow. While I don’t think you are going to jump right on this, I see that eventually you will author a series of children’s books.

All of your efforts will render you a financially independent writer, but I’m not seeing you as debt-free. This is something that is in your power to change, but you will have to plan for it in order to make it a reality. It seems as though the more money you make the more you spend, so just be aware of your own patterns and habits.

However, you will wean down the stack of bills and increase your savings. The good news is that even if you choose to carry a bit of debt, you will be comfortable enough that it isn’t going to seem like such an insurmountable burden. Along with achieving financial success if not complete financial freedom, you will experience the joy of doing what you love – and loving what you do.

Good luck!
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