Red Responds: Which Way to Go?

Denise in Birmingham writes:

I was late to the game when it came to secondary education. I got married, had a family and went to work after high school. Now I have a BA in psychology, but am not using it in my career. I’ve also taken classes in business, juvenile justice, and nursing, but nothing seems to be the right fit. About five years ago, I contacted a psychic who told me that I’d turn away from my first two career choices. At the time I couldn’t believe it, but I have. I’m at a loss as to which way to go. Any advice?

Dear Denise,

Education and career paths don’t always intertwine. Many people find that the degree they have achieved looks pretty in a frame, but doesn’t necessarily correspond to the position they hold.

You are so diversified in your interests and educational pursuits, which can open just about any door you might choose to knock on. What you need to decide isn’t necessarily what title you wish to hold, but more along the lines of what you wish to gain from your varied experiences. Not everyone settles comfortably into a particular field and stays there indefinitely.

Even though it is going to take you some more time and contemplation, I see you going back to school. You may feel like you entered the game of secondary education a bit late, but it is something that agrees with you. You have a genuine love of learning! With all of the time that you spend in class, it only makes sense that you will try your hand at teaching in a few more years. While your first opportunity does look like a high school setting, eventually you will find yourself in front of a more adult audience.

You may not believe me now, but eventually you will see that all of your education and pursuits have been leading you in this direction. This career move is an avenue that you will enjoy, explore, grow tired of and still endure… and then you will move on to yet another career adventure.

Good luck!
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