Judgement and the World

The world and judgement

All Tarot readers are different just like every snowflake and fingerprint. I am really interested in other interpretations of these two cards because in my readings these cards represent unyielding circumstances.

In my spreads, regardless of a timeline or divining storylines, the Judgement card showing up means this is the only way things will be. Whether the card is right side up or inverted, Judgement arriving means that this is the story. We can ask the same question of the cards a million different ways or see how things will be if something different is done, but when this card pops up, it’s time to start facing some facts. When the Judgement card appears inverted, it is like a fast forward switch to show how things over time are to be.

More historic translation of the Judgement card is “resurrecting” past issues, illnesses, or accidents and healing from them. It’s basically a card of renewal.

The World card is the last card of the Major Arcana. In my spreads, the World card represents the end of the story. In Tarot there are many cards that indicate endings, but I see these as pauses. I like to use laundry references in my readings. In laundry we start the washer, add water, clothes and detergent. The laundry goes through different stages of soak, spin, refill, etc. However, when the laundry is washed and dried it’s time to fold and put away. In life, when a relationship, job, or adventure is complete, it’s time to fold and tuck away or we stagnate in a situation that will go no further. It’s time for new beginnings. Just because we decide to begin again doesn’t mean we are fools, but not learning from our experiences can suggest foolishness. When the World card appears inverted it can suggest abrupt endings or changes pushed upon us that are unexpected at the time of the reading or something from the querent’s past that has them needing closure.

More traditional translations of the World card are: things are about to tidy up, things are soon to be whole, all things accounted for, satisfaction, or happiness.

As I sit here writing this blog I look at the lake surrounding my in-laws’ home. There are neighbors canoing, rowing boats, swimming, and basking in the cool New England summer air. I can’t help but think about the many worlds they’ve each lived as individuals, and the many more they are to live in this life we are presented. I can’t help but think of the things that brought them here, me here, and you here to this blog. What do Judgement and the World mean to you?

15 thoughts on “Judgement and the World

  1. mandy

    How do you get a negative out of two positive cards? The world is very positive and the judgement is like a calling/awakening from the soul. Could it be a completion as in finally ending up with a soulmate and having that awakening that you belong together? Why negative without being reversed?

  2. Joey

    I am dealing with these issues at the moment, and while they are hard, I find comfort in reading about Buddhist non-attachment. This isn’t to say, we should not be close to people or circumstances, but it is a way of looking at the world. In other words, nothing is permanent, the universe is in a state of change,therefore, we should prepare ourselves for change. When we see things from this angle, it is not so hard to part with a person, a way of life, etc. The Buddhists
    say: “All life is suffering.” That is kind of their first commandment, if you will. None of this is to say, “stay in a constant state of being a downer.” It is quite the opposite. It is about exceptance and growth. It frees you up. I can not recommend enough books and articles on this subject when you are stuck. Thanks for the vid Skyler. Love Joey 9406

  3. Psychic Maryanne Ext. 9146

    Great article and video on a very timely subject.
    Holding on to something or, more often, someone in our lives does hold us back from having space in our lives for something or someone very positive to come in. If only we could all learn to trust in ourselves and let that space open to the wonderful new possibilites in our lives rather than hold on to something or someone that is, usually, no longer there.
    Ext. 9146

  4. Bubblegum

    I wish someone out there could give me some advice as to how I can ‘let go’ of a person I truly want to get rid of! The relationship was a disastrous one and I find myself having flashbacks of the cruel things he said and did to me. I have tried forgiving myself for making such a terrible mistake and yet he’s in my dreams and constantly in my head…any advice?

  5. Alison

    Hi Skylar
    Great advice, so right on!!
    Your sincerity shows just like you are in person.
    Nice seeing again.
    Alison ext 9885

  6. Liam at ext. 9290

    I had the remarkable opportunity to spend some quality time with Skylar in LA a few months ago, and we’ve become fast friends, indeed. Let me say, from the start, I was captivated by her insights and her quick intuition … She’s a very sincere and warm individual. I recommend her as a reader of the highest caliber. She even gave me a few pieces of her intuitive observations in regard myself, and that which she has seen is coming to pass in rapid fashion. Not to mention the fact that she’s wicked cool to hang with. Love ya, Skylar.

  7. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    OOPS…. I meant NICE video ( not nive video)…..
    …my finger nails are so long I’m hitting two keys at once.
    I don’t know how some ladies type with long finger nails….is there some kind of magical secret to that or what (?)
    Blessed Be )O(….Gina Rose ext.9500

  8. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Skylar,
    Very nive video and great advice….
    ….” letting go ” is one of Life’s hardest lessons , but really can be a major step in personal growth to be sure.
    Blessed Be )O(…Gina Rose ext.9500

  9. Psychic Jacqueline x9472

    Jacqueline x9472 in reply to Melisa,
    Hi melisa,
    If you feel a desire to learn to use cards then you should, it is there way of calling you, actually your intuitive side reaching out to get your attention so that you can become more spiritually connected, activate your abilities….
    Jacqueline x9472

  10. Vivian-9932

    In readings I have also interpreted judgment as a decision that sets one free from the past. It may appear when issues are much deeper then at first glance. The situation involves not just this life or one’s life currently. The world often shows up when one is about to make a major life change– a move of residence, change and move in job, or a long journey. The journey can be physical or spiritual. Again as always it depends on the psychic impression at the time of reading.

  11. Melisa

    I am very delighted with this article I do not use cards but I would love to learn and I find it very fascinating. Thanks for this lovely articles greetings.

  12. Joyce #9598

    Oh Nunu, I LOVE how you write about the cards! I’m an astrologer, but you make it fun and fascinating to learn the Tarot 🙂 Thanks for sharing your gifts. They are so appreciated by me.

  13. Abigail Ext 9570

    Good Morning Nunu,
    You just gave me a wonderful visual and yearning to visit home. I’m a New England girl and I sure miss the fish there now. Nicely written and done.
    Many Blessings


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