Red Responds: Ready to Move Forward

Angel in Somerset writes:

I have been through a difficult period workwise. I spent three years working for a degree which burnt me out and my first job was a disaster – I left after a year because I was very unhappy, stressed and physically unwell and felt I needed to recuperate. The problem is that I am now aware that there is a lot of criticism around me and although I cannot get the evidence to do anything about this I am worried about obtaining further employment. I have had time to reflect on the last four years and see the mistakes I have made, although I am not being so hard on myself as not to see that circumstances have not been ideal for me either. I am ready to move forward… Do you see any job opportunities coming for me in the near future? Do I have any more obstacles to get over or are these just a figment of my imagination?

Dear Angel,

Life is never without obstacles, but I’m not seeing any tremendous ones in your immediate future. The most challenging issue that circles around you still seems to be rooted in your self-esteem. While there is some criticism around you, your perception seems to amplify the reality. You know what they say about opinions… everybody has one. However, the opinion that matters most is the one you have about yourself.

In terms of employment, things are looking a bit thin around you. While this is a challenge, it doesn’t have to be an obstacle. You would fare much better if you worked with a career counselor. I’m seeing you enlisting the aid of a professional woman who seems to have some “inside scoop” with the job market, and who will focus on your strengths rather than your history. She also will be able to reconstruct your resume, which will be of great benefit for any job hunting you choose to do on your own.

Things look as if they will develop slowly around you, but don’t give up. You should be working by mid-June. While this job may not fully utilize your education and experience, it is in your field. With time, there is the possibility of promotion or advancement, but initially it is more of an entry-level position. Try and keep in mind that sometimes what appears to be a step back can turn out to be a golden opportunity.

You’ve come a long way, and things will continue to get better as you become stronger and more confident. Continue to be gentle with yourself, and don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. Keep moving forward, one step at a time, and you will get yourself and your life where you want it to be.

Good luck!
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