Relationships and The Recession

Is the recession squeezing you right out of your relationship? Our psychics are telling us that more and more callers are asking how to weather these extremely difficult economic times and still keep their relationship intact.

Money worries can dampen the romance, the trust and the lust in any relationship, while adding worry, frustration and arguments into the mix. Fighting about money can be one of the most potent irreconcilable differences between a couple. But, money troubles don’t have to be a deal breaker in love. With insight, communication and planning, our psychics say that you can invest in a better future – together.

So just what kinds of strain is the economy putting on relationships? Surprisingly there’s a mixed bag of troubles. It’s not just about blaming for overspending, or anger over losing the house or needing to cut costs… it’s also about worrying whether a new love prospect has potential. People feel that dates are more interested in the investment of their hard-earned resources, rather than just going out for fun.

Will I be laid off? When will my spouse stop spending? Is my partner serious about getting a job to pitch in and help with our financial crisis? Where will the money come from? These are the questions callers are asking, often prematurely blinded by the general feeling of defeat that’s in the air.

“They wonder whether they should cut and run from a romantic coupling now that their partner is in a bad financial place. This question usually comes up when their partner’s portfolio was the major reason why they picked them over other contenders,” Althea ext. 9582 offers. “I am also getting questions about how to move forward and seek new employment when your partner can’t offer emotional support during a layoff or termination” she says, explaining that when some people become frightened they show their fear with a cold shoulder or anger towards the one they love the most.

“Women call more specifically to find out about the financial stability of their love interest, while men often are reluctant to spend money on new dates, asking me to look into their compatibility before a first meeting is even setup,” Donna ext. 9448 reports.

“There is also some concern when partners are putting in long hours, they may be using the recession as an excuse for lost interest in the relationship or an affair,” Maryanne ext. 9146 reveals.

From taking time out from a budding relationship to focus on career and finances to putting off wedding or baby plans – even holding off a separation or divorce – the economy is having a devastating effect on love. So how do you choose love and deal with money in a relationship? “Begin with a mindset that puts your personal worth above your net worth,” Jesse ext. 9027 suggests. “Try not to fear change, but work with it.”

Instead of beating ourselves up because we can no longer afford the fancy dinners and weekend trips that defined our free time together, be creative. True happiness can be attained with a few dollars and an abundance of care and creativity, psychic Althea suggests.

Shared goals and communication are necessary if you are in a long-term relationship. If up until now you’ve gotten away with avoiding the subject of money, or just fighting about it, it’s imperative to start facing this very scary issue together. After all, you are not alone. This isn’t just happening to you, our psychics remind us. Shared goals can lead to refreshed hope for your relationship, the option of beginning new paths together, building trust and being able to lean on each other for strength.

“When money is tight and stress levels are high a psychic reading can prove helpful in finding ways to maintain relationships,” Althea believes. “Intuitives can see financial opportunities, analyze the past and look into the future with an emphasis on what is possible.”

Is money creating distance? Talk to a psychic for guidance. Call 1.800.573.4830 or choose your psychic now.

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