Red Responds: Is There a Reason for Her to Stay in LA?

Beth in LA writes:

I have been living in Los Angeles now for over 15 years and feeling really burned out. I have considered relocating to another city or state several times over the years but then family, a job or relationship comes along and stops me in my tracks. I’ve always made the ‘right’ decision about staying and I understand that there must be a reason for keeping me here for this long but the wheels are starting to turn again.

Realistically I know a move can’t happen until 2010 after I have fulfilled commitments to projects I’ve already started. I know a change of environment is needed but what if I lose everything I’ve worked hard for here when I relocate? What if I get to a new city and hate it? Or wake up from the dream and realize I’ve made a terrible mistake? But I guess everything happens for a reason, there are no ‘wrongs’ in my life equation and sometimes one has to take a risk to see what possibilities are awaiting, right? So technically, what is there to lose? I’ve managed to be alright so far but what do you think, Red?

Dear Beth,

Packing up a life and re-planting it somewhere else is a risk, but also an adventure. If you really want it, it is up to you to make it happen.

There are always reasons to stay – friends, family, relationships, jobs… whatever. But, if you really want to go, make it a mission. I don’t see you being reckless about a location shift, so the risk of losing everything you’ve worked for is highly unlikely. The worst thing for you will be adjusting to being out there, alone.

I see that eventually you will relocate, but not for several more years. LA may have you feeling burned out, but the sense of familiarity keeps you from facing your relocation fears.

Before you pack up all your earthly possessions in search of a new life, why don’t you pack what you need and take a couple of months to explore? Spend time in some of the cities and locations that call to you, and really get a feel for what it would be like to live there. Such a trip would be revitalizing to you, and help you find some of the answers you are looking for. When you decide where it is that you really want to be, you can research, plan, and line things up to make it a reality.

Good luck!
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