Your LOVECAST™: Spiritual Connections are the Focus

Romance gets adventurous this week when the New Moon, Mercury and Mars hook up in freewheeling Sagittarius. Spiritual connections are the focus as well. Feelings are earthy this weekend, however – slow down to enjoy the sensuality!

Sagittarius: A rendezvous in an intimate setting can make passion soar at the beginning of the week. By Thursday, multiple placements in your sign ignite your powers of attraction. Also, promoting your ideas can open a professional door, but think things through before agreeing to anything. A leisurely perusal of your partner sweetens passion this weekend!

Capricorn: Your lusty side takes over at the beginning of the week! Also, getting involved in a community activity can bring in new friends and perhaps bring a romantic interest as well. Next, Sagittarius placements bring insights through dreams and meditation. They can also trigger feelings from the past. Feelings flow this weekend, so express what’s in your heart.

Aquarius: Passion triumphs over brainpower (and common sense) at the beginning of the week. Let your instincts out to play! A flirtation with a colleague may arise as well. Then multiple Sagittarius placements intensify group projects and socializing, which may prompt new romance. This weekend is all about setting your relationship priorities.

Pisces: Your mystique makes you a magnet for romance at the beginning of the week! It’s time to be clear about what you want from a commitment. Then numerous Sagittarius placements energize your career goals and may bring a romantic interest through a colleague or work project. Socializing brings a lusty interlude this weekend, but keep it real.

Aries: Lust skyrockets at the beginning of the week, when an intimate rendezvous fires you up. Sagittarius influences give you the urge to travel and explore your spirituality. Also, learning something new can energize you – and bring a romantic interlude, too. An unhurried (slow down!) romp with your sweetie deepens passion this weekend.

Taurus: Your naughty alter ego emerges at the beginning of the week, when a sexy encounter with your sweetie can ignite both passion and control issues between you. Sagittarius influences bring out your daring side, so be spontaneous (but not with your credit cards). The desire for a sexy but spiritual relationship fires up your ideals this weekend.

Gemini: Passion intensifies at the beginning of the week, when logic takes a backseat to desire. Multiple Sagittarius placements energize your partnership sector and intensify twosome activities. They can also help clarify your relationship ideals. Think of the bigger picture pertaining to commitment. Commitment is also the theme in romance this weekend.

Cancer: Love and lust merge to create an arousing time for romance at the beginning of the week. Then romance takes on a fun-loving vibe from multiple Sagittarius placements. A flirtation during a healthy activity (gym? yoga? skiing?) can energize you. Twosome energy soars this weekend. Sunday is an especially good time for a rendezvous!

Leo: A home-cooked meal before a roaring fire inspires passion at the beginning of the week – if you can resolve a clash of priorities. Then powerful Sagittarius placements make romance soar into the stratosphere. Your creative project may rocket into orbit as well. However, you’ll need to come back down to earth to inspire love this weekend.

Virgo: A mix of sexiness and brainpower fires up flirting at the beginning of the week. A trip for two can heighten passion as well. Then multiple Sagittarius placements prompt a round of partying at your abode. They also energize (and perhaps irritate) family interactions. Romance may deepen into a commitment this weekend, so think long-term!

Libra: Subtle flirting and playful innuendo make passion percolate at the beginning of the week. Use a sense of style to enhance your mystique. Then fiery Sagittarius placements energize communications, both inside and outside the boudoir. An online romance may be in the making. This weekend is about getting real about what you want from a relationship.

Scorpio: Your magnetism is irresistible at the beginning of the week, when a spontaneous act can bring delight. By mid-week, your intense emotional nature gets a playful lift from fun-loving Sagittarius placements, which also bring a financial opportunity within the next week or so. Friendly gatherings bring joy and perhaps a romantic opportunity this weekend.

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