Red Responds: Feeling Stuck

Laurie in Hamilton writes:

For the past six almost seven years now (which I can’t believe) I have been really grappling with a series of struggles and deaths. I’ve gotten through it all I guess but I am at a crossroads in my life and life has been really stagnant for a long while now. Please, can you give me any direction as to what I should do now. I have no idea which way to turn and how to move on and learn to be happy again. I’ve had plenty of therapy but am still stuck. When all these struggle began I was on the cusp of big sucess and now after it all I just don’t know how to go about things anymore. Any advice?

Dear Laurie,

There are times when life slows down or becomes stagnant so that we have the time to regroup and decide just where to go from here. You are coming into a time where your life is becoming your own again. While there still may be days when you feel like you’ve been to hell and back, acknowledge that you have, and just keep moving forward as best as you can.

When you look back you see yourself as being on the cusp of success, and now look at success as something that is elusive. It’s not. You can’t go back to that place and time, but that doesn’t mean you can’t achieve success and happiness. It is just going to be different now. All the events and all that you have been through has changed you. Use your knowledge and experience, even the bad and painful stuff, and apply it to this place and time. You’ve worked hard to get to where you are, and if you keep working at it, you will discover that you haven’t forgotten how to be happy – you just haven’t been ready to let yourself feel happy. Why not start by simply allowing yourself to be content?

You are a very gifted woman, but you need to get in touch with your spiritual side. Sometimes you just have to have faith, and a way to express yourself. Your creative expression of faith is what is going to lead you to success. Sing. Write. Sculpt. Paint. Let the artist in you come out and play. Allow yourself to let go of the ghosts of your past by setting them free artistically.

Laurie, you have talents and options, but sometimes you have to create your own opportunity. It’s not that you’ve forgotten how to go about things, you are just afraid to try. You spend far too much time thinking about life, and not enough time actually living it. Going through the motions will pass the days, but that doesn’t offer much opportunity for happiness and fulfillment. If you really want to learn how to be happy, you must first define for yourself what happiness means.

Brightest Blessings!
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