Sexy Affirmations

Lots of people practice affirmations. They know that by saying things, in the form of an affirmation, it can help solidify that belief within them, which leads to manifestation later on. We use affirmations to break old patterns, create positive mental attitudes and fight any negative speak in our head – and now to have better sex!

Most people use affirmations to attract relationships, jobs and prosperity, however, few think of them as a valid and useful way to spice up their sex life. Think again! Sex affirmations can help you attract your deepest intimate desires and enjoy sex more freely, according to our psychics.

Because our psychic team deals with sexual issues and questions each day along these lines, we asked them to share their most powerful affirmations – the ones they give to clients who are looking to improve (or reignite!) their sex lives or who are beginning fresh with a new lover.

Affirmations are a conscious way of working on your sex life, fanning the flames of lust, and keeping your sexual intention refreshed. Just like any affirmation, the wording needs to be positive with an energy behind the practice that’s very much in the moment – as if your sexual wish has already come true. In the beginning, if you find yourself resistant to speaking your affirmations out loud, perhaps your sex life is a bit rusty, or you’re trying to break old ways of thinking about sex – write the affirmations repeatedly, until you become comfortable with the ideas, and then state them verbally

“Say it till you mean it,” tells Kallista ext. 9623 who believes that affirmations are terrific for dissolving sexual inhibitions. The psychic recommends standing in front of a mirror when getting ready for an evening in or out, and affirming “I am hot!” until you see your words are true. Repeat your affirmation as many times as it takes to believe them. If the words don’t feel right, find other words that resonate with you, our psychics say. When you start feeling sexy, take a minute to own the sensations.

Psychic Charlotte ext. 9350 suggests that affirmations should be personal and individualized, while others report that changing a word here or there from this list of recommendations works just as well. Now use our psychic’s favorite sex affirmations, to help kick your sexuality up a notch:

“We are bliss together. We are ecstasy. We are hot sex!” Ginger ext. 9344

“My body is perfection. I excite my lover every day,” Paige ext. 9158

For those who are worried about changes in their body, or having sex with someone for the first time, our psychics offer these affirmations:

“I am comfortable in my skin. I am open to the pleasures of my body that are as normal and natural as the air I breathe,” Abigail ext. 9570

“I release all outside thought and influence that do not serve me. I am the embodiment of sexual joy,” Tippi ext. 9593

And for those who just want to make every sexual encounter memorable, “I will make you scream!” Red ext. 9226 says her clients tell her, is a favorite. It tends to make callers relinquish inhibitions and in the best cases, puts great passion behind the pleasure of pleasing.

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