DreamCast: Three White Stallions

About two years ago, I made a serious career change and move. I had been in the arts for most of my early to late 20s. One day I dreamed of three white stallions standing over me on a retaining wall near a beach. These horses looked at me and then jumped over the wall and onto the beach. I could see their hooves, legs, bodies and hair wildly waving about. Then I ran into the ocean and swam into the waves. What does this mean?


Rebecca in Colorado Springs

Hello Rebecca,

What a beautiful dream! The imagery is so vivid – and creative. I think the dream is telling you to stay connected to your creativity. The stallions symbolize your instinctual side, the part of you that inspires your artistry and originality. The ocean is your unconscious where your instincts reside. It’s interesting that the horses jumped off a retaining wall. This wall is perhaps the block you’ve erected to keep you safe from failure, or safe from some other fear connected to realizing your creative aspirations. However, the horses (your creative instincts) are still a part of you, if at an unconscious level. So even if you have a “real” job to pay the bills, you need to continue to explore your artistic talent. Continue to “swim” in the ocean of your inner life, and you’ll have plenty of inspiration to draw from.

Sweet dreams,

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