Red Responds: Will This Staff Position Work Out?

Debbie in Escondido writes:

I recently quit my job. While working with a staffing agency for a permanent placement, I found out about a program that they have where they employ staff accountants as their employees and they thought I would be a perfect fit for the program. I got that ball rolling and they were anxious to hire me in this role. I will not be on their payroll until I work my first assignment, but I have had little contact from them since my other job ended. I only have enough money to make it a couple more weeks. Should I look for other employment or will this staff position with them work out for me?

Dear Debbie,

It would be unwise to leave your financial well-being strictly in the hands of fate. She can have a twisted sense of humor, you know. Sometimes faith should be backed by old-fashioned common sense.

You need to keep in touch with the people involved in the program. While it is going to work out favorably for you, unless you continue to maintain contact, you could get lost in the cracks of the system. The time-line I’m getting is cutting things pretty close, but you should have that first assignment in roughly three weeks.

In the meantime, it would be wise of you to continue looking for other opportunities. If you do, you will have other job offers coming your way in November – one of which seems to have a lot more potential than the position you are waiting for.

Good luck!
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