Red Responds: Madly In Love With a Pisces

Lotus in New Jersey writes:

I’m so lost I don’t know what to do. I’m a Cancer married to a Capricorn, but I find myself madly in love with a Pisces. Our affair started some years ago and we want so much to have a life together, but we both have commitments that are holding us back. I feel so torn between staying in a marriage that’s bound by duty, pity and guilt – and a life of deep spiritual love and passion with my Pisces man.

I just want my husband to find happiness with someone else who will truly love him and be good to him. He has filed for divorce, but I don’t know if I should go along with it due to some threats he made earlier. I fear danger later on if I go through with the divorce. I feel really bad for the children and don’t want to hurt anyone involved. Both men said they love me so much and want to take care of me, but I don’t know what to. I love and want so much to be with my Pisces man and hope we will have a future together. Please tell me what you see. I truly value and appreciate your honesty and insights. Thank you so much for your help.

Dear Lotus,

You have some hard decisions to make, but there is no need for you to come to a firm conclusion today. You are in a love triangle, which means people are going to be hurt, including you and the children. It is simply unavoidable.

Your marriage to the Capricorn is what it is. One day, near or far, it will come to an end – unless you change how you view your husband and marriage. This is not a marriage that can’t be revived – you could if you wanted to. But, I really don’t see you wanting to. Having said that, I don’t see you following through with your divorce until summer of 2008.

No matter how much you wish for it, your husband isn’t going to go skipping off into the sunset with another woman in order to give you an easier way out. Should you decide to go through with the divorce, he will eventually find happiness with someone else.

Your Pisces lover is headed for some darker days… it would be wise of you to allow this process to happen before you make any major life-changing moves. You have this dream of an easy transition from one man’s home to that of another – but it is not going to work that way. The sooner you can accept this, the more inner peace you will have.

As far as life with your Pisces goes, I don’t see him as being able to give you the life that you want. Hard times can negatively impact a beautiful relationship. If you aren’t careful, this will tarnish the beauty of the love that you currently feel for him. I’m not saying that you can’t have a life with him, but I want you to fully understand that the life you can have will be very different from the one you dream about.

Great love sometimes requires great sacrifice, so you will need to be prepared. Unless and until you are willing to lose all that you know for the sake of a spiritual love, you should choose to stay where you are at, or you could end up with nothing.

Good luck to you,
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