Red Responds: Trash-Talking Real Estate Agents

E.Y. in Houston writes:

I have been selling new homes for over 13 years. Recently, a new competitor moved into my area and began to systematically tarnish my personal reputation. Unfortunately, people believe what they hear rather than looking at the facts and my income has been sorely harmed by over $150,000 in lost commissions! I lost my home and I feel as though I am called to do something else with my life… but I don’t know what, and I am struggling financially. Help.

Dear E.Y.,

You are struggling financially, emotionally, and spiritually. Definitely a hard spot to be in, but you have what it takes to turn it around.

There is more to the story than just a tarnished reputation. Not everyone plays fair in business, especially with the ebb and flow of the housing industry these days. Your competitors are offering something you aren’t. Eventually, their flaws will shine through and word will spread, but that isn’t going to help you now.

You have that ability to sell anything, including yourself. Use that talent. That is where the money is. And, even if you aren’t reaping the rewards right now, you are very good at what you do… when you’re not feeling beaten, that is.

Draw on the knowledge and experience you have. While I don’t really see you going in a whole new career direction, I do see you expanding your current path. Aside from the sales talent, you are great in finance, and you also would make one heck of a teacher or trainer. These three strengths are enough for you to re-create your personal kingdom.

I know that you are supposed to reach more people. I know that you have much to share. What I am not getting clearly is how you are going to pull this all together. From what I am seeing, it appears that you are going to be working several avenues to reach one goal. “Independent yet cohesive” is the phrase I keep hearing. Maybe it will mean something to you?

I give. You win the “Stump the Psychic” prize. All I can tell you is that things aren’t over for you, and your future looks more successful than your past. If the mood hits you, please schedule an appointment on or give me a call! I would love the opportunity to look into your life a little deeper, and try and help you (help me) figure this all out.

Brightest Blessings,
Ext. 9226

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