DreamCast: Past Sexual Issues

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Q: I had a recurring dream for 10 years. I no longer have it, but could not find any reference to it in any dream interpretation books. The dream involved a bare tree, telephone post, goal post, or cross, with a snake (sometimes with fur) wrapped around it every so often, and it was falling down on top of me – crushing me underneath. The dream was so real, so lifelike, that I would sort of wake up during the dream, standing on the bed, touching the fan, light or ceiling. What IS the interpretation of this dream?

Eve in Upper Darby

A: Hello Eve,

This dream is probably reflecting some sexual issues you may have had at the time. The posts and trees are, well, phallic in shape, and the snake is a traditional symbol of sexuality. Even the fur could symbolize pubic hair. The cross represents your spiritual values or, at the very least, a restrictive influence regarding sex, and perhaps reveals a conflict within you pertaining to your sexuality. Were you brought up to believe that sexual feelings were dangerous, something to be contained or restricted?

Additionally, the feeling of being crushed may reflect the stress caused by the conflict within you. Or, it could just be a feeling you have on a conscious or unconscious level when actually having sex! Also, I think there’s a power issue here as well. Feeling crushed suggests you’re powerless to move or get free. Again, this doesn’t have to be in a literal, physical sense. The dream may reflect your desire to break free of your inner conflict. I suggest meditating on the symbols in the dream, but picturing yourself free and powerful to manipulate them as you wish. This exercise will help to empower you if you ever feel constricted again – while awake or in the dream state.

Sweet dreams,


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