Psychic Q&A: Career Leap

Psychic Q&A: Career Leap | California Psychics

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I walked away from a stable job because of the toxic environment. I am tired of settling. I want to work towards my purpose and do what I’m passionate about. Is now a good time to take that leap of faith?


Psychic Kerrigan responds:

Hi R,

Your passion is your drive and it’s always a blessing to do what you want to do, and I fell that the cosmos is aligned for you to do exactly that now. There’s a difference between a want and a need, and you not only want to do this, but you need to do this in order to remove the toxic energy from your spirit. This is very important.

As you continue to move forward into this passionate role that you’ve created, know that you are on the right path, because your inspiration came directly from Spirit, and you are walking the path that you were always meant to be on. Take ownership of this passion, and do not let your doubt and anxiety turn you away from it. This will show the Universe and Guides that you are very serious about your passion, and will help to manifest your goals faster. Sweep the doubt out of your heart, and take that leap of faith. I have no doubt that you will succeed.


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One thought on “Psychic Q&A: Career Leap

  1. Christine Davis

    I just did the same thing. I have been at my job for 38 years, and new management came in and some not so nice board members , and it got toxic working there. So I quit and got hired at a nursing home. I m wondering if this was right move ?


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