Ring of Fire: Annual Solar Eclipse

Ring of Fire: Annual Solar Eclipse | California Psychics

An Annual Astrological Celebration

Solar Eclipses are a miraculous vision that we experience on our planet. Our moon’s size/distance from Earth, related to the sun’s size/distance from Earth creates the awe-inspiring phenomenon on Earth of the sun going dark during the day as it’s blocked by the moon. This experience is built into our human memory, psychology, and mythology.

The December 25-26, 2019 (depending on your location) Solar Eclipse is annular, meaning it reveals the annulus of the sun behind the moon, or a “ring of fire.” Aside from being beautiful, it’s a potent opportunity to open the doors to realities that never seemed possible.

Where You Can See the Eclipse

The annular eclipse will be visible from northern Saudi Arabia, through southern India to Kuala Lumpur. While the US will not see this eclipse, the astrology seriously impacts Washington DC, New York, and the Bahamas. Major events may come from some of these areas.

Circular Astrology

The theme of this eclipse’s power comes from the birth of its family/Saros cycle that began on August 13, 1208, reappearing over a 1200-year-period. This year’s eclipse is powerfully tied to its origin chart. Nearly all planets were in Cancer/Leo in the 1208 eclipse, and today’s life-out-of-balance period repeats the 1208 chart in Cancer’s opposite sign, Capricorn.

Both charts also have Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto prominent. Those who promote the health/happiness of our planet’s web of life – children, animals, plants, and more – reflect St. Francis of Assisi’s work from the early 1200’s. Focusing on these issues will make you more open to the power and gifts of this eclipse. Here’s how the eclipse will affect your zodiac sign.


If your career includes earth sciences and ecological research, this is your eclipse. If not, your ability to inspire and lead others brings you to the front of the pack at this time. Your inclusive approach to others’ problems can benefit you financially from your new ideas.


Inspiration is the name of the game for you under this eclipse. Soaking in the heart of the planet on a nature walk, or simply relating whole-heartedly to children and animals brings spectacular ideas. This helps you overcome fears within and in relation to others near you.


You are in the midst of give-and-take communications, which are about both work issues and your partnerships. You have the ability to address others’ concerns effectively, but you must be certain that these ideas invest in your future and the life of all those you love, need, and desire. Then, you’re a winner.


This eclipse pulls you out of your shell, opening you to the energies that you naturally sense. What draws you is everyone and everything that you treasure. Your generous love of family extends to those who aren’t immediately connected. Your subtle energy is creative and loving.


Work and health issues have been a major part of your life over recent years, whether it’s about your career path or considerations over family members. Your creative efforts and love life have demanded that you consider monetized uses for your powerful ideas. Inspiration will likely come in the form of an unusual female who’ll delight you.


Your children, whether they’re your physical babies or your artistic ones, drive you during this period. There is so much to be gained by attaching your experience and wisdom to what you learn from young souls and new ideas. Recognize this inspiration.


Your home and family life is demanding your attention to the point that you have to assert your personal power. You have a tendency to give others your time and money without regard to your personal needs, and need to find new balance so that you can build the foundation for the next phase of your life.


Your energy is undeniable, even if it’s subtle. Speak from your heart in a broad way about what’s needed and wanted for the future. The window is open for you to express your spirit powerfully. You may surprise lovers and other partners, but you’ve looked within yourself and you have the answers.


Your expansive year with your ruler Jupiter in your sun sign is complete. He’s moving to your second house of money and values with a powerful punch. You want beauty to surround you at home as you redefine your idea of beauty – the space where everyone you love finds joy.


This eclipse is focused on your sun sign. You are feeling benevolent when it comes to protecting the earth for the next generation, whether it’s about holiday meals for the expanded family you love, or tech ideas about how human brilliance can make life better. You can command both.


You are a delightful mystery to so many people that you may feel pressure from your business/public life to let others know what you’ve discovered. Take the time needed to express yourself in a way that nourishes others and helps them find their niche in life.


When we speak of the windows to other worlds with this eclipse, you’re naturally attuned to what’s possible. Friends and on-line associates play a crucial role. Consider the ancients’ view of Pisces that had a fish going into the ocean’s depths tied to a swallow soaring in the sky. You see the hidden depths and the view from above.

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