20/20 Vision: Manifesting Your Dreams in 2020

20/20 Vision: Manifesting Your Dreams in 2020 | California Psychics

Opportunity Awaits

Several clients have asked me recently about the importance of the year 2020, and how the guidance they would receive in our reading was specifically related to the upcoming year. While some of us may worry that a new year will bring greater challenges, I’ve been happy to reassure them that 2020 is potentially a year of great opportunity, especially if we are able to take risks, let go, and listen to our angels.

The Numerology of 20

The number 20, a powerful angel number, is the combination of the individual numbers, two and zero. The number two represents unity, a powerful symbol of reconciliation, where forces – sometimes in sync, sometimes opposing – come together for the greater good. When we are vibrating with the energy of the number two, we are dedicated to achieving harmony. If we aren’t feeling harmonious, the number two invites us to ask why. Zero, the other number that exists in 20, is a starting point, a departure for new beginnings. In the Tarot, zero is represented by “the Fool.”

The Fool and Zero

I had a client who recently had the Fool appear in her reading and she told me she felt deeply offended. She took the Fool to mean that my guides were judging her for a relationship in her life that had ended badly, and that the card meant that she had been a fool for trusting her ex. I told her what she assumed couldn’t be further from the truth.

I explained that the Fool, especially right side up as it was in her reading, represented the beginning of a journey, stepping into the unknown. If you have seen the card personally, you know the image is often of a man, walking with a dog by his side, his belongings carried over one shoulder. He is a fool, not because he isn’t smart, but because the fool doesn’t know all the answers. He is open to spiritual guidance because he is aware that he has something to learn.

The card appeared in her reading because she was thinking about dating and wasn’t sure which direction to take – online dates had never appealed to her, but she admitted she was open. A friend had suggested a group that focused on “singles” in her area. In other words, she was receptive to a new direction and new ideas. The Fool was encouraging her to see her new experience as an adventure, and trust that her angels (symbolized by the dog running and playing) would always be by her side. And to have fun!

There’s Power in the New

Imagine a time in your life when you visited a new place for the first time. You may have had to ask where the local coffee shop was located, or where to buy groceries. There were probably many people around who you had never seen before. You might even have made a new friend. Now consider a time in childhood when someone asked, “What would you like to be when you grow up?” These are all experiences open to the Fool, and the energy of the number Zero. The reason why the Fool is so powerful, is that much like a child, not only is he aware that he needs to learn, he isn’t afraid to ask for help. When we enter the space of the Fool, we leave our ego behind. When we don’t lead with ego and our fear of making mistakes, Angels have an easier job of helping us achieve what we want.

This understanding will be helpful in 2020, especially if we have been contemplating a new career, a new creative project, or a new direction. Now and then I have a client whom I will ask about their dreams, and they will say exasperated, “I don’t know what I want!” And it is important to know that that’s okay too.

Stay Open

We often feel we have to know exactly what to ask for in terms of guidance, but one of the most powerful affirmations of the Fool or zero energy is, “Universe, please guide and surprise me.” You may have heard the expression, “When the student is ready, the teacher appears” or the story of the student and the “empty rice bowl” waiting to be filled. These are all variations on the theme of staying open to spiritual guidance and new ideas.

Once we have an idea of a new direction through zero, the number two also encourages us to trust ourselves and to work with others in manifesting our new goals. It can mean that we clean up the past, and that whatever it is we feel divides us, or we struggle with, we are willing to finally release so that we can usher in this new beginning.

Make a Plan

When we add up 2020, we get four. Imagine four wands placed on the ground together and forming a square. This square represents structure. Once we have opened ourselves to guidance with zero, and feel a sense of unity from 2, 4 is the plan we use to get there. The Four of Wands in the minor arcana can mean a business plan, or a quiet time away from responsibilities where we can take a break. Sometimes, if we are dealing with personal challenges, we may need to tune out the noise so that we can listen to our inner voice. The number four empowers us by offering a sanctuary; if you are an artist, it may be a retreat that allows you time to focus on your art. This energy is a force of protection and safety, ultimately providing a space to heal.

Seeing Clearly

For all of us, 2020 has the potential to be a year of great manifestation and power. If there is something you’ve been wanting to do and haven’t had the courage to start, this is definitely your year! 2020 invites us to make changes and bold leaps, but not recklessly (The Fool upside down) – that is why the number four is important, why it ultimately supports us. We’ve all heard of having 20/20 vision – this technically means that our vision is good, that we can see clearly. 20/20 vision psychically means that what we see in our minds, we can manifest with clarity. While this is potentially possible in any given year, 2020 ushers in a time where energetically we may be more inspired than ever before.

Get Prepared

In the remaining days of 2019, don’t be afraid to ask the important “nine” questions: what it is I’d like to let go of? Is there anything from the past that I no longer need to hold onto? Are there beliefs about myself that keep me from being confident in my life? Are there situations I often find myself in, relationships, or experiences that undermine my power? The clearer we are about what we’d like to release, the more power we will have in 2020.

Be Open to Your Angels

Our angels are always here to help us. Because they can’t exactly dial us directly on our cell phones, they find creative ways to communicate with us, to let us know that they are providing guidance and inspiration at all times. If you are receptive to the numerological energy around you, 2020 is a year where you and your angels can work together to manifest your deepest dreams.

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