Red Responds: Fear of Future Heartbreak

Amber from Louisville says,

I’m a Sagittarius. I’ve been single for a very long time, mainly because of a painful heartbreak from a Scorpio that I could never heal completely, and from also not quite meeting the right guy. I’m in my mid 30s now, and I worry that it won’t happen for me, that I may never have the kids and family I see all my friends enjoying. It isn’t that I’m unattractive or unsuccessful, I just have a fear of getting my heart broken the way it was before. I think that next year will be a turning point, since I will have the financial freedom to do something different in my life. I’m wondering what you see for me, and when I may find that love I am looking for.

Dear Amber,

Fear is a very powerful emotion, as well as a powerful energetic force. While fear does serve as a personal mechanism for protection, if not kept in check it can keep us from moving forward. In other words, don’t let your fears limit you.

It is true that you haven’t yet met the right guy, and you are still healing from the damage that your Scorpio left behind. It’s not that you can’t heal completely from the heartbreak of that relationship, but you’re a bit afraid to let the memories and the pain go. Don’t let that experience continue to define you.

Try not to compare your life with those of your friends. All this does is reinforce your fears, and make you feel a bit pressured. Focus on yourself, on your dreams and aspirations, and everything will fall into place. While your upcoming financial freedoms will relieve some stress and burden, it is your personal growth that will allow you to open yourself to love and trust once again.

Marriage and family are in your future, but they aren’t necessarily going to come about quite the way you’ve always envisioned. Life doesn’t always follow our mental script. The things we try to resist are often what we actually need the most.

You may not believe me now, but by this time next year, you will be with your future husband. Your Mister Right will come to you via an online dating venue, and even though he has a daughter from his previous marriage, the two of you will have children of your own.

Like I said, life doesn’t always follow our idealistic plans, but that doesn’t mean that things don’t ultimately work out for the best. There’s a level of safety and happiness in front you that you couldn’t have had with your Scorpio love, so embrace your future without fear or regret.

Brightest Blessings,

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6 thoughts on “Red Responds: Fear of Future Heartbreak

  1. Laura

    ‘I believe’ it was written to me :). I am without words. Usually i can find some adjective to put words to my feelings inside. All i can do now is let my heart race and get all shaky….lol. Guess i am sounding like a fruit rite about now.

  2. wildangel25

    I am in the same boat… my heart was horribly broken by a sagittarious 4 months ago… as a matter of fact I used to live in Aurora, Colorado and he lives in El Paso , Texas we had a long distance relationship for almost 2 years and he broke u with me two more times prior to the last one on mothers day weekend I drove 6 hours from aurora Colorado to Albuquerque just for him to break up with me beinf the amazing detective that I am and following my intuition I found out that he was cheating on me and having sex with a 25 year old school teacher my ex boyfriend is a police officer and he worked as a School reaserch officer and that is where he met this 25 year old woman that like to party and drink and get wild..i still cant believe that he left me for that woman after everything that I wen through with him and how I stood by his side evey step of the way whie he was going thorught he worst time of his life not only that but my son as well… and he borke up with me a month before I moved down to el paso, texas.. a month later he email me telling me that he is seeing some one else and 4 months ater they are living together and.. an I am wondering what is wrong with me what did I do wrong?!

  3. melody

    Ive been married and divorced, Ive loved a few times in my life. never really felt i was given what i gave, I love with all of me, give my whole heart and soul. this time when i fall in love, i want to be sure its right. I just went through one of the biggest heart breaks of my life, and im 49years old.I want him to love me enough to where I never have to ask if he loves me. his actions will show me everyday the love he has for me. is that kind of love really going to happen for me? I hate being alone, ive been single for over 7 years, with the exception of the relationship of 6 months ended recently.

  4. Eileen

    Please, please help me…..I am 64 yrs old & trying so hard to let go of my Scorpio boyfriend of 13 yrs. I am a Sagittarius & haven’t even come close to finding love or anyone being attracted to me or me to them. He is with someone else now that lives with him. it’s been over 5 yrs now and I need help!!!!!!

  5. kimmy71

    WOW!!! I had to create a profile to respond to this, it’s just too much. I too, am a Sagittarius (in Western-style astrology). My moon is in Scorpio, so I understand them a little too much I think. Anyway, I was involved with a Scorpio man for almost 3 years. He is a very abusive person, and a master @ manipulation. I finally got the nerve to end this toxic relationship, and he left TODAY. So, you can imagine my surprise when I opened todays horoscope email and saw the title lol. I don’t believe in ‘accidents’, and just love it when the universe falls into place. : ) I can really relate to how you feel and I have been single more often then not as well. This is, however, my 3rd (THIRD) time for heartbreak. I don’t think fear is the only factor though, although it is a major player. I feel it’s also our ability to survive on our own, without the ‘need’ of a man. We want to have REAL love! Many times, we could have settled for less, as others so often do. Don’t be hard on yourself for wanting something real. Your friends may seem like they have it all, but that is seldom the case. You should be giving yourself a pat on the back for NOT being like everyone else. I’ve tried conforming to the ‘norm’ in the past, but it was not the real me and I couldn’t stand it.

    If it makes you feel better, I am in my late 30’s and having to start all over again and just beginning my latest healing process. If you look at it from a different perspective, you will see that you’re in a much better place than many others. Think as positive as u possibly can, and u can manifest what u want. I know that you can’t get rid of the fear completely, but trust YOURSELF. You are wise enough now to spot the warning signs, and your intuition is there to serve you and will not steer you wrong. If u r like me, u probably had a bad gut feeling about the Scorpio that hurt you, and like me you ignored it.

    I pray you will find your True Love soon, you have suffered enough! Be strong & brave and above all, True to yourself…as a fellow Sagitttarian to another, we really can’t be anything else, even if we tried. : )

  6. tropicana35

    Thank you Amber for sharing your story. I felt like you were writing about me. Like you, I also had a similar experienced in my past love life that has left me doubtful of what my future holds in terms of a secured loving relationship. Hang in there Amber because I think that our soul partner is out there somewhere just waiting to be connected to us.


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